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Chernobyl is leaking radiation, the Forever Landfill will put your trash to rest for an eternity and a new reason to drive a Toyota Prius.

Remember the radiation leak of the century? That's right, Chernobyl is a mess again and plans are in the works to encapsulate that puppy away from mankind for eternity. You can also have your trash put to rest with the comfort of knowing it has a good home and discover a new reason to make a Toyota Prius your ride.

New Interactive Videos For The Internet - Writer's Strike Latest

New Interactive Videos For The Internet - Writer's Strike Latest gives us the latest in pop culture, the writer's strike and the internet.

Hillary Clinton's Headquarters Threatened By Bomber - Britney News

Hillary Clinton's Headquarters Threatened By Bomber - Britney News - Whitney Houston sizzles in Malaysia

Apparently one of Hillary Clinton's believers thought that her ads about health care applied to everyone and he wanted his NOW. A "deranged" man was apparently able to easily enter the Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters. I am not sure if he just totally blended in with the crowd or was invited for some event. For some reason, no one noticed that this "deranged" man among all of Hillary's supporters.;) I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but I am guessing that had he been your average, normal guy, security would have been on him before he ever got in the door.:D

The "deranged" man had actually believed one of the political videos he had watched, so he strapped on some flares and went to seek Hillary's help. The fact that the man believed a political video was probably the first sign that the man was totally off his rocker.

I am not sure why he felt force was needed to ask for Hillary make good on her campaign promises...that part was not clear...maybe it was because he wanted his EARLY, or because he figured her odds of getting elected were next to zero and he better ask BEFORE the election, or he wasn't a part of the right demographic but this is all pure speculation.

He had seen a video of Hillary helping and under insured boy get medical treatment and didn't realize that such events only happen for political-promotional purposes and that there would be nothing politically helpful about helping a 46 year-old man who obviously needed the help. It is cute and charming to help kids but if you are 46 and mentally-ill you are probably on your own.

Fortunately, no one was injured and I am guessing the man will get plenty of help now, but this is definitely NOT the avenue to take if you need help.

Obama Girl Dance Video - Obama Girl Is Back

Obama Girl Dance Video - Obama Girl Is Back - This Time Without A Bikini

Is is just me or is an Obama Girl Video much less-interesting if she isn't wearing a string bikini?

On the other hand she did manage to find a way to apply the same reasoning to elect Obama that is being applied to Hillary Clinton. We vote for Obama because he can dance (well, according to Obama Girl anyway) and we vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman (well, according to Hillary anyway)...fortunately Hillary reminds of this fact all the time or I would sometimes forget and weigh where she stands on the issues.;)

Hmmmm, better yet, lets find a woman who can dance.:D Let's elect Obama Girl. That's it...Obama Girl for President.:D

Obama Girl Is Back - This Time Not Wearing A Bikini

Obama Girl Is Back - This Time Not Wearing A Bikini

Obama Girl is back...well, sort of.;) A few days ago these ads for Obama by who else, Obama Girl are out and free for public viewing. I think someone forgot to study the demographic of Star Wars Fans.;) It is my guess that most of them can't VOTE.;) If I remember right, I outgrew Star Wars at age 10.

Obama Girl is just not as effective when she is not wearing a bikini.:D Oh, I remember why I outgrew Star Wars...GIRLS...they seemed more interesting.:D Now I get it. Politics = Girls. I think this is the same reasoning that has Hillary Clinton running for President...only it makes more sense.;)

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears in Their Birthday Suits - Spice Girls Open

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears in Their Birthday Suits - Spice Girls Open Their Tour

Britney Spears celebrated her birthday over the weekend...Happy Birthday Britney. She and Paris Hilton hit the town to celebrate and I am not sure if their birthday suits included panties.;)

Speaking of such, Marc Jacobs revealed his Spring 2008 Fashion Line and skin is definately in for Spring 2008. Bare midriffs and thigh high cuts gowns abounded on the runway. I for one am not complaining...I don't design it, I just report it but when it comes to skin being in with the ladies, I am not one to complain.;)

The Spice Girls rocked the house on their opening night. "Mr Posh Spice" this is a quote from Hollyscoop...sigh. David Beckham must cringe every time he hears that one...but being married to Victoria Beckham would probably help soothe the hurt.:D

Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys standout is also apparently a standout with the ladies, including Jessica Simpson...rock on Tony.

Amy Winehouse's father rocks in a different way as he bashes one of Amy Winehouse's frineds with his guitar.

Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian top the list of the 50 Dumbest Celebrites. Chris Crocker would have topped the list, but:

1. He is not a celebrtiy
2. Everyone has already forgotten him except to poke fun at him.

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