The Carrot Song - Free YouTube Video - utube

I am guessing that some mom had trouble getting her kid to eat carrots.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Amy Winehouse Leaves Her Retreat -- Allegedly in Scrape

In an article on you will not want to miss, they discuss Amy Winehouse post retreat.

Amy Winehouse Talks About Her Latest Problem

Here Amy Winehouse talks about her stomach.

--The Clever Cynic

Amy Winehouse - Rehab - It Was a RETREAT was a RETREAT...NOT rehab...sigh.

--The Clever Cynic

Kid Nation Auditions in Cleveland, OH

Well I must say the show had a LOT of people who wanted IN.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Kid Nation Promo - Video Preview Trailer

We took a look at this now-controversial show a while back...I saw this coming ;) tonight we revisit the show.
Some claim that the kids worked too many hours per day...hmm sounds like BLOGGING.:D

--The Clever Cynic

--The Clever Cynic

Kid Nation -- A Closer Look - YouTube Video

Here is Fox's look at the show.

--The Clever Cynic

kid nation audition video

Turn back...TURN BACK...hehe.

--The Clever Cynic

Amy Winehouse in Another Scrape

According to an article on TMZ, Amy Winehouse left retreat after just a few days and got into a row with her husband after he found herself cutting herself...sigh. They actually said she left "rehab" but as we all know, Amy went on RETREAT.;) They tried to send her to rehab but she said , "no, no, no."

--The Clever Cynic

Expert Debate CBS' Kid Nation on Star Jones Show - A Closer Look

Star takes a look into Kid Nation.

--The Clever Cynic

Casting a Reality Television Show for Kids

Wow, this sounds strangely familiar.:D

--The Clever Cynic

Kid Nation Under Legal Pressure Following the Filming of the New Series

I am sure Kid Nation SOUNDED like a great idea...right? Well, the New Mexico Attorney General is looking into the matter to see if the kids were treated fairly under state law, according to an article on E!. Sounds like it is getting complicated.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Nicole Richie JAILED...for a whopping 82 Minutes...Wow

Nicole Richie was jailed yesterday and is free again today. In fact, she was free again in less time than it takes to find a good parking spot in New York City. I have waited for food in restaurants with slow service that took longer than it took for Nicole Richie to pay her debt to society for her driving violation.:O

Brand New Britney Spears Song - Everyday - Britney Spears Music Video

This is a brand-new Britney Spears Song.

Brand New Britney Spears Song - Lyrics

According to AOL music, an new song by Britney Spears surfaced on the Internet. The article includes the full lyrics, so you may want to go check it out.

Teenager Unlocks the iPhone So it Can Be Used With Any Carrier, Not Just AT&T

According to an article on AOL money & finance, a teenager managed to use a soldering iron adapt his iPhone so that it works with other carriers besides AT&T.

I think this same technology was used to adapt celebrity ankle-sobriety bracelets.;)

Charleston Style - Daft Punk Video Production Remix Video - YouTube Videos

Daft Punk Fans...don't miss the full-feature story on Daft Punk over at The Video Surfer.

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