The Latest Mail Scam

I received this in the mail on my Yahoo account:

"Do not reply to this message: Dear Customer,Our robot has fixed an abnormal activity from your IP address on sending e-mails.Probably it is connected with the last epidemic of a worm which does not have patches at the moment.We recommend you to install a firewall module and it will stop e-mail sending. Otherwise your account will be blocked until you do not eliminate malfunction. Customer support center robot."

The e-mail included some file they wanted me to install...LOL (undoubtedly the actual virus) ;) This scam would have been more convincing had it not been written in broken English.

--The Clever Cynic,


Sometimes I Get Sick of Telephones

Have you ever been in a store and waited a long time in line, then FINALLY your turn comes and the phone rings? The clerk answers it and then TOTALLY IGNORES you. If you give them a look about it, they give you this look back like..."can't you see I am on a PHONE CALL?" (Like a phone call is the most sacred of all events and never to be interrupted or delayed for any reason.) Where did everyone get the idea that a phone call is more important than the guy who actually DROVE TO THE STORE and bought something? Did the caller WAIT IN LINE?....umm no, is the caller more important than I am?...very unlikely. ;)

The Clever Cynic: Have You Ever Noticed That Stars are Mostly Makeup?

Have you ever noticed that celebrities are mostly makeup? I saw a photo of Britney Spears the other day without her makeup and it was just plain scary.

--The Clever Cynic,


My next-door neighbor finally moved out...I was not sorry to see him go. He left his yard in a total mess and pretty much crapped on the neighborhood as he left. That didn't surprise me because he pretty much did that all they way through life...well as long as I knew him anyway.
It occured to me that how you leave is often as important as how you arrive and how you behave while you are there. First impressions are important, but last impressions are perhaps the most memorable.
It also reminded me about my earlier post on proximity and friendship...although this guy was no friend of mine. Now that he is gone and the house if vacant he no longer seems to exist in the universe...not my universe anyway.
I guess my point is, people come and go in our lives. If someone bothers you just let it go...their opinion means naught...they are only passing through.

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