Bob Barker Retires...after 35 LONG years...sigh

Bob Barker retired recently at 82, (see article here). At least he finally RETIRED...sigh. There are a ton of new communications graduates out there who would love to have a chance to have a job. Sometimes it irks me a bit when someone just does not know when it is time to give someone else a shot.

So who does he suggest to replace him after his LONG, LONG stint? Rosie O'Donnell. Oh this is classic. He wants to clog up the job for another eternity now that he doesn't need it anymore...very thoughtful. Whatever happened to the "free market?" I couldn't believe it either. (see article here) The last thing on earth that I ever want to experience is Rosie saying that the price is right.;)

So I got to thinking...what else has hung around TOO LONG on the old TV set? So for your viewing pleasure I compiled a list.:) <---- (Oh this is RARE I actually smiled...I must be getting ready to torture you.) --The Clever Cynic,

beverly hillbillies

Someone make it to RETIREMENT for the Beverly Hillbillies.

laurel and hardy hardy looks at the camera

All I can say is thank GOD Laurel and Hardy were both male and could not reproduce. Off to RETIREMENT YOU GO.

The Three Stooges Slap Attack

Sigh another candidate for PERMANENT RETIREMENT is The Three Stooges. I choose the shortest-possible clip a a mercy gesture to my readers. Today they call this "assault."

Jerry Lewis Typewriter

I am sure Jerry Lewis is the nicest guy on earth. Every year he has devoted a lot of time to charity and raising money to fight muscular dystropy. The telethon can stay, the old comedy bits can, however, be RETIRED.

Howdy Doody - Cowabonga

Yup, it is true, I am actually going to make you watch Howdy Doody. But on the bright side it will probably be the only time you will see old Howdy on this blog. There is something I find a bit offputting about a puppet that looks like a caricature of a drunken chimp. As if that isn't bad enough, if you went around these days singing, "cowabonga," declaring it as your themesong, and pronouncing it like "cowabunga" people would think you were making a REALLY BAD remake of Brokeback Mountain only about a cowboy and his cow. This blog is all about good taste, so Howdy Doody has to GO. Howdy, you are officially RETIRED.

Stairway to Gilligan's Island

Another one we need to send to heaven is Gilligan's Island. As you have probably guessed I love the beach and would enjoy living on any island on earth, but I would never set foot on Gilligan's Island. (Although, Ginger WAS pretty hot.);) Thankfully this clip has some Led Zepplin so it is halfway tolerable.

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

Ok, Ok, if I have seen this video clip once, I have seen it 10,000 times while channel surfing or on some special featuring "classic comedy" bits. I say we send this factory work overseas to be performed by underpaid workers earning substandard wages like we have everything esle and leave it there.

Clip from Public Domain episode of

Another show I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing again. I know, I know it was a more wholesome time in the history of our country. This was back when apple pie tasted like apple pie and the icecream on top didn't cause permanent damage to your DNA, but this one just has to be RETIRED. And now, oh goodie, it is public we can use it anytime we want. Hold on a minute while I stifle my enthusiasm.

Gomer Pyle USMC

One show that I hope to NEVER AGAIN run into again in reruns or anywhere else.

Cool Picture Link for Those of You Following the Story About the Unearthed 1957 Plymouth Belvedere

One of the readers sent me a cool link to awesome hi-res photos of the unearthed 1957 Plymouth. As "anonymous" said, it looks like "a real fixer-upper." I have to agree, but I am willing to bet someone will try.;) Thanks, Anon for the link goodness.

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