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Robot Chicken S02E19 - Titanic


Big Brother 8 USA: Nominations discussion week 2

Apparently there is a lot of speculation about who Jen will decide to nominate.;) It will be interesting to see who she picks.

Big Brother 8 USA: Dick and Daniele discuss the game!

This pair may be the team to beat on this year's Big Brother. As they say, blood is thicker than water.;)

Football Animation - Art Video from YouTube

This is amazing.

Natural Hallucinogen - Video from YouTube

Here you go, a natural high for you.;) Stare into this and say to yourself over and over..."I must visit this website everyday."

Will It Blend? - iPhone - Video from YouTube

Yes it is official...I must say if this is entertainment, then our society is DOOMED.

Ron Paul : Don't Tread on Me

A Ron Paul Update. The musc in this rocks.;)

Amy Jacobson, Bikini-Clad Reporter 'Devastated' Over Lost Job

According to ABC News, (see photo and story here) Amy Jacobson is devastated over the loss of her job over the scandal of being photographed at the home of a man who was the center of a story she had been assigned to cover for her station.

The man's wife, Lisa had disappeared a couple of months ago and a rival TV station filmed the reporter at a pool party at the man's house with her family.

--The Clever Cynic

Amy Polumbo, Miss New Jersey Shows Photos On Today Show

I must say that Amy Polumbo can certainly deal with a blackmailer. I am just sad that she had to be put through such an invasion of her privacy.

Amy Polumbo - Miss N. Jersey Releases PHOTOS - Able to Keep Crown!

Amy released the facebook photos and won a victory over the person who invaded her privacy.

Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo Releases Blackmail Pics

As you can see the photos were nothing out of the ordinary. She keeps her crown. I admire Amy's spunk in defending herself against the creep who invaded her privacy.

Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, to Keep Her Crown - Video from YouTube

As you just heard, Amy Polumbo will keep her crown. I actually think she is a very-class act. I admire the way she refused to be blackmailed by some creep who hacked her account. Rock on Amy.

Update - Amy Polumbo Photos Released to Media - Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo

As you can see from this story, the Amy Polumbo photos are nothing out of the ordinary.

Best of the Internet Award - Geraldine - Cool Video from YouTube

I always vow to bring you the very-best the internet has to offer. It has been a LONG time since I gave a "Best of the Internet" to anything, because quite frankly, I havn't seen anything that deserved one. But tonight this video gets a "Best of the Internet." It is video ART at its finest...enjoy.;)

Video of Amy Jacobson in a Swimsuit Led to the Chicago Reporter Leaving Her Job

According to an article in the Northwest Herald, a swimsuit-clad reporter left her job after being videotaped wearing a swimsuit at the house of a man whose wife had disappeared two months ago--a story she had been assigned to cover. I guess since "uncovering" described it better, she is no longer working in that capacity.

--The Clever Cynic

The New Harry Potter Film Will Contain 10 Hidden Facts

In an article in The Courier Post Online, I learned that the new Harry Potter Movie will contain 10 Hidden Secrets. You can view the full story here, but I have to warn you it contains spoilers.

--The Clever Cynic

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