Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Game Hogwarts

For the role-playing Harry Potter fans, there is going to be a new game soon, check it out.

Pivot Randosity


Lebanese Part II

I am a firm believer in cultural diversity.;)

Our Immigration Policy...

If we made every illegal immigrant watch this they would just give up and go home.;)

Immigration from Past to Present

Tonight...we get informed about immigration...well sort of.;)

The Immigration Debate

This puts the immmigration issue in perspective.;)

Graffiti: Japanese Immigration in Brazil - 100 years


Glenn Beck's History of Illegal Immigration

There has been a lot of talk about immigration lately. The problem is without illegal immigrants who will do the WORK? I think they forgot to think about that. The US has the loosest borders on planet earth for a REASON.;)

Evolution of Dance

This is so cool

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