Big Brother 8 -- Evil Dick Spills Tea On Jen

Here is a look at two of the power players in the Game.

Big Brother 8 8/5/2007 - Kail and Jen are Nominated Again

Tonight, they showed an airplane as it flew over the house that put a dramatic spin on the game. To be honest, I hate outside interference in the game. Such influences are hard to predict and neutralize the most-enjoyable aspect of Big Brother for me...predicting the outcome. Up to now, my updates and analysis has been amazingly on track. Now an unexpected wildcard has entered the game and it makes it very difficult to analyze the game.

One thing is for certain, neither Amber's family or friends nor Eric's were responsible for the message being trailed by an airplane overhead that told that Eric and Amber are both liars.

These were strange words to use to describe guests in a house where everyone lies on a regular basis.

Daniele won the Head of Household competition and I must say I was disappointed. Further, Dick taunted and baited the competing houseguests in an attempt to secure power for his daughter, Daniele. At this point in the game I am really beginning to tire of "Evil" Dick. At first, I was actually pulling for him to win. I liked his straightforward style and candid approach to the game, but now he is simply annoying. Show after show we have to tolerate his abusive behavior and for me it is wearing really thin.

Eric, our housemole (they now call him a weasel in the house, but are not positive he is the one to blame) was, besides Dustin, playing the strongest game of all the houseguests. Now, with his cards laid bare by forces outside the house beyond his control, I have a feeling that barring a win on his part, he will be backdoored for the nomination. Well, he won't truly be backdoored, because even an idiot would see a backdoor eviction coming for Eric and I think he is a very-smart player.

When the game started several weeks ago, the last person I ever thought I would be pulling for would be Jen. I am beginning to like her tough style and her moxy in the face of her third nomination in a row. I think had she not gotten in an argument with Evil Dick, she may quite well have outlasted Daniele in the competition. I am guessing that weight was a big factor, since the lightest of the houseguests were remaining at the end and Daniele, the lightest pulled off the win.

I actually at this point wouldn't mind seeing Jen remain in the game. I would enjoy seeing her put the screws to the rest of the houseguests. I am really beginning to tire of Daddy Dick and daughter Danielle, Amber's crybaby tendencies are beginning to make me want to vomit. That leaves Dustin who is so close to Amber that the taint of her emotional instability is beginning to rub off oh him as well. Zach is about as boring as stale toast as is Jameka and Jessica, that pretty much leaves Jen to hold my interest.

Eric was given the assignment by America's voting public to try to get Jen evicted from the house. I find it hard to believe that America prefers Jen's self-absorption (which has calmed down a bit) over Evil Dick's obnoxious rantings, Daniele's immature-emotional neediness and Amber's downright childish mentality.

Jessica and Jameka are the two-coolest and level-minded players. They may still finish strong but I can't predict too far ahead because another plane might fly over and scramble the chemistry of the house once more.

For now, I am shifting my support to Jen. The odds are slim she will survive this week's eviction, but she is one tough competitor. She at least plays the game. Jessica and Jameka are hanging back hoping to slip in at the end and the Dustin and Amber duo has become too-emotional for me to stand. I am not even sure that Zach or Kail are still playing the game and the Dick and daughter pair is beginning to bore me, so that leaves Jen or Eric, but I think Eric's chances may have ended with the airplane. Sadly, they were placed at odds by America's vote. Should the two of them form an alliance, they would probably win the game.

There you go...more than you wanted to know about my take on Big Brother 8

--The Clever Cynic

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