Britain's Got Talent - Paul Potts - Nessun Dorma - WOW!

If you have never heard of Paul Potts, believe me someday you will. If you are following America's Got Talent, here is what talent looks like in the UK.;)

The Highlander Movie 5 Out Now on DVD: Best of the Internet

I vow to bring you the Best of the Internet and tonight is no exception. The Highlander Anime, "Highlander; The Search for Vengeance," is out now in DVD...(see official trailer site here) This site just features the trailer but it is SO SLICK LOOKING that I am giving it a Best of the Internet for all the amazing eye-candy.

There can be only one...

The Clever Cynic,

Highlander Trailer Featuring FAT SAM (Queen Bee Case Of 40s)

This is another video for the new anime movie. I can't WAIT to see this.


This was the music video for the second movie.

Highlander Music Video

EPIC cinematography plus Queen, what more could you ask?

Bonny Portmore

This is just amazing the voice is so pure. If you have never been to Scotland it feels JUST LIKE THIS. Scotland is simply amazing...go sometime.

Highlander Movie Trailer

This was the trailer for the original movie. It is a CLASSIC.

Highlander parodie by Robot chicken

This is HILARIOUS. Amazing Sean Connery voice imitation.

Who Wants To Live Forever (Highlander Scenes)

One of the shows they OUGHT to rerun is Highlander. That was the most-awesome series of all time. In fact, they ought to bring it back and make new ones.

Ron Paul : Stop Dreaming

It is about time that we got rid of the IRS. The tax code in this country is A JOKE. The massive ammount of meaningless paperwork that is forced upon taxpayers and businesses is ridiculous. This guy is a GENIUS. FINALLY, AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN WITH BRAINS. This video is awesome and WELL WORTH the view. Great tune too. American Pie is the best song of all time. He obviously reads this blog.;) Most of this sounds VERY familiar.;) He can also put together a kick-ass video.

NBC's Age of Love Reality Show About Younger Women Versus Older Women Premieres Tonight

NBC's new reality show premieres tonight at 9ET/PT. (see article here) It features tennis star Mark Philippoussis being pursued by two distinct groups of women...some in their 20's and the rest are 30 and up. According to the article, the women are stunning and there should be some real catfights if I don't' miss my guess, so it might be worth a look.

--The Clever Cynic,

Actress Julia Roberts Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Actress Julia Roberts just gave birth to a baby boy. Congrats, Julia. (see full article here)

So, why is this worth blogging? Well, for one thing she is a celebrity and she named the last two: Phinnaeus and Hazel (rolls eyes), so it ought to be a real freak show when she announces the name...of course, I'll keep you posted.;)

--The Clever Cynic,


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