The National Do Not Call Registry is About to Expire for Early Subscribers

Red Alert, Red Alert, I am not warning you that Britney Spears is about to do another live MTV Video Awards comeback performance...this is worse if you can imagine that.

For those who were among the first to register for the Federal Do Not Call list, your time is drawing near for your phone line to be open to the bane of peace and quiet, the telemarketer.

Do not despair. Thankfully, (and I am sure you often stop to give thanks that you visit this website often to stay informed, that you have it bookmarked (hint, hint) etc.), YOU will be among the first to renew your listing and once more relax at home whiling away time without being annoyed unless you choose to be annoyed by coming back here again.;)

How do you perform this miraculous feat? ( I'll bet that you are sitting there wondering that very I will tell you).:) You go to the National Do Not Call Registry. You enter your phone number and your VALID e-mail address. Why a valid e-mail address? Because you will have to CONFIRM that the number being listed is indeed your own by clicking a link in an e-mail their computer will regurgitate to your mailbox. That's are safe for 5 more years. Well, unless Britney Spears stages another "comeback."

Led Zeppelin to Reunite for a Concert - 2007 - Led Zeppelin Music News

According to CNN, Led Zeppelin, one of rock music's all time greatest bands will reunite for the first time in 19 years for a show in London...can you imagine how hard it will be to get tickets?:O

You can see the full line up of Led Zeppelin videos at The Video Surfer and The Video VJ...enjoy the show.

The Brave One Trailer Featuring Naveen Andrews - Jodie Foster

A look at the film, "The Brave One."

Castro's Funeral - Comedy Video - Is Castro Really Gone?

There has been a lot of debate about whether Fidel Castro has really left the building. I suppose the debate continues.;)

I Phone Price Cut - Halo 3 - Pandora - Latest News

The latest news on gadgets, gizmos and software.

Kim Possible - Kirsten Storms - Music Video Could it be

Awww...this is sweet.:D hehe

Call Me, Beep Me Kim Possible - Kirsten Storms - Music Videos

Another of Kirsten Storms many talents.

Kirsten Storms Bikini Kirsten Storms Bikini Video

Apparently Kirsten Storms has other talents.

General Hospital Kirsten Storms Promo - Kirsten Storms Video

Kirsten Storms talking about her role on General Hospital.

Kirsten Storms - Music VIdeo - Kirsten Storms DUI News

Don't miss the story about Kirsten Storm's arrest today over at The Clever Cynic.

Behind the Scenes - Kirsten Storms - Kirsten Storms VIdeo Interview

Behind the scenes with Kirsten Storms.

kirsten Storms - Arrested for Investigation of DUI in Southern California

Kirsten Storms joined the ranks of Celebs arrested for investigation of DUI. She is the voice of Kim Possible in the Disney series of the same name. I guess the PR people at Disney have had a rough week.;)

Kirsten Storms Picked Up in Los Angeles - Kristen Storms Latest News

According to an article on Yahoo News, there is yet another in the long line to get into the celebrity DUI club. Kirsten Storms, is allegedly the latest to join the list of celebrities arrested for investigation of driving under the influence...sigh. The cheerleader who voices the character Kim Possible in the Disney Animated series and star of General Hospital was allegedly picked up after police saw a lit cigarette thrown from the window of her car. Police also claim that they smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage, so they are investigating.

Britney Spears Performance - Comments About Her MTV Performance

George Maloof comments about Britney Spears performance. I must say Britney got a lot of publicity about her "comeback." As Dolly Parton says, "there is no such thing as bad publicity.";)

Kanye West Feels "Slighted" by Only Having Four Performances in MTV Awards

Awwww, poor Kanye West, he only had four performances during the MTV awards. I hope somehow they can make it up to him.

Dani Final HOH Competition Big Brother 8 USA - SPOILER ALERT

This does contain a possible spoiler.;) So it is up to you to decide if you want to view it or not.;)

Video Production Contest to End Youth Homelessness

YouTube artists can create a video or written solution to help end youth homelessness, so grab those cameras and good luck.

A Gentlemen Duel - Animateed Comedy Video Production

This is classic.

Iron Man Teaser Trailer - Iron Man Video Movie Preview Trailer - Utube

A look at the upcoming movie, "Iron Man."

Homer Simpson is Pie-Man - Comedy Video - Utube Videos

Classic Simpsons.

Resident Evil Extinction - Movie Preview - In Theaters 9/21/2007

A different trailer for Resident Evil...I must say this movie looks TOTALLY AWESOME.

Resident Evil Extinction - Video Movie Preview Trailer - Utube Videos

A sneak peek at the cool movie opening 9/21/07.

Big Brother 8 - 9 /12/2007 - Daniele Wins POV Saves Evel

Unfortunately, Daniele seems unstoppable. Tonight, she won yet another veto competition, tying Janelle for the number of power of veto wins. She then used the veto to save Daddy Dick. It was a noble gesture (rolls eyes), considering it didn't matter because the person vetoed cast the vote. Jameka was the only one eligible to be nominated in Evel's place and up she went in his place on the block.

Evel promptly cast his vote and Jameka went home. Evel and Daniele, despite Zach's recent "betrayal" (I actually don't see playing the game as any sort of "betrayal" this was Big Brother's Official Jargon) Dick and Daniele decided to keep him in the house in the event that they lose the last veto competition.

Evel seemed very-confident that Zach wouldn't get a single jury vote if he should stand in the final two against Dick or Daniele. When Big Brother finally paid a visit to the Big Brother House tonight, no one there seemed very eager for either Evel or Daniele to win the game. I would go so far as to venture that unless Evel or Daniele win the HOH, Zach will be voted the winner. You simply can't ride roughshod over all the other houseguests and expect them to be eager to throw you a vote at the end.;)

This HOH competition is the biggest by far in the game. Should Zach win it will turn the game upside down at last for Dick and Daniele. Only time will tell if Zach has what it takes to maintain focus and pull out the win. If he wins it will be a very-interesting endgame for the show. Should he lose, the end will seem lackluster at best.

Enjoy the show...

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