California Wildfires - 2007 - California Fires Video Simulation

Fortunately the wildfires are being brought under control. Sadly they have destroyed many homes and destroyed wildlife and habitat. Here is a simulation of how the fires spread as they raced through California.

Candy - You're Hired - Hot Girl Comedy Video - YouTube

Candy tries the job thing.;)

College The Movie - Movie Preview Trailer - Movie Scene

A scene from College The Movie. I remember her type from college.:D The "little sister" type...sigh. The ones who are the last to leave a frat party and call all the frat guys their big brother...sigh.

College - Movie Preview Trailer - College The Movie

A scene from the movie - College.

Nebraska - The Good Life - Nebraska Comedy Video - Rural

A fun romp through the fascinating world of Nebraska.

Oprah Winfrey - Weightloss - Disclaimers - YouTube Comedy Video

Oprah Winfrey, weightloss, comedy and more from What The Buck.

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