The Clever Cynic: Keeps you Informed--Royal Protocol

Word has it that Mickey Rooney planted a big wet kiss on the royal hand of the Queen of England. Apparently you need royal permission to touch her royal highness.
I consider it my duty to keep my readers informed so they don't commit a similar faux pas. So now that you know, you can't pull a Paris Hilton and claim, "you didn't know" if you plant a kiss somewhere on her royal highness.
Keeping you informed so you don't have to claim ignorance.....

The Clever Cynic: Reality Television--Dancing with the Stars

The voting is now over...I hope Billy Ray Cyrus makes it another week. I would hate to see someone leave the show after hearing such a rude, unsportsmanlike comment from one of the judges. I thought Billy Ray was great...he has a different STYLE.......but that does NOT make it bad. His performance was totally entertaining and I think he tries hard to put on a great performance.

That aside, tonight's show was excellent as usual. The stars were on fire...

I just have to love a show with dancers who are some of the most-beautiful women in the world. ;)

I thought the stars really brought it tonight. Apolo and his partner just totally rocked it. It is really hard to predict the winner at this point. The stars are really knocking out some amazing performances.......

--The Clever Cynic,

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