T-MOBILE Sidekick LX Launch Party In Hollywood - Celebrities

Hollyscoop takes us inside the T-Mobile Launch Party in Hollywood.

Blonde of the Year - YouTube Comedy Video


Paris Saves Africa - Paris Hilton's Love Life - Paris Hilton Video

Paris Hilton is heading to Africa to save the world.;) Hopefully Angelina Jolie isn't hiding in her handbag waiting to adopt some poor baby ... sigh.

Paris Hilton Heads To Rwanda - Paris Hilton News - Celebrity Gossip

Apparently Paris Hilton is planning to make good on her promise to make the world a better place.;)

Britney Spears Turns Herself In To Police - Britney Spears News

The latest Britney Spears News about her hit and run.

Britney Spears Enters the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100

Britney Spears new Blackout ALbum is a hit. She broke into the top 5 on Billboard. I must say I am glad she is enjoying this renewed success.

Britney Spears Album Release Delayed - Britney Spears News

The latest Britney Spears News from What The Buck.

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