Motivational Quotes - Motivational Quotes Video

This is a great motivational quotes video. I just have one quote to add to this..."Impact" is not a verb.;)

Kanye West News - Elisabeth Hasslebeck Gives Birth and Celebrity Gossip

Kanye West's mom passed away this past weekend. View host Elisabeth Hasslebeck gives birth, Hillary Swank is honored, Kate Hudson and Health Ledger news and Christina Aguilera's throws three baby showers.

OJ Simpson is back in court. Amy Winehouse is arrested by undercover police officers. Britney Spears is banned from driving. Ellen Degeneres faces wrath of the Writer's Guild...This is not a smart move for comedians that rely on the writers. Jay Leno took the striking writers doughnuts on the picket man.;) Nicole Kidman's miscarriage rumors. Prince and the Revolution. Elton John and company fight hunger with lunchbox sales.

Jennifer Lopes Blames Canceled Tour On Baby and Spice Girls News

Jennifer Lopez blames canceled tour on baby...Jennifer Lopez is having a baby?:O Who would EVER have guessed.:D Guess she was holding that card in case her tour flopped.:D Lindsay Lohan sells smashed Mercedes-Benz is for sale and one of the Spice Girls threatens to leave.

Britney Spears Baby Shopping - Paparazzi Say She's Pregnant - Britney Spears Video

Britney Spears Baby Shopping - Paparazzi Say She's Pregnant...well, a lot of people go shopping for baby clothes without being pregnant. I have even bought baby stuff as gifts for friends who were expecting...and I certainly wasn't pregnant.:D I am waiting for more concrete news before I believe this.;)

Facebook Ads? - Google Weather - YouTube Multi-file Upload Robo-Moth - Gizmoz

Facebook Ads - Google Weather - YouTube Multi-file Upload Robo-Moth - Gizmoz.

Now you can upload larger files on YouTube...awesome.

Tyra Banks - Vagina Talk - Oprah YouTube Review - Ellen Degeneres Ignores the Writers Strike

Tyra Banks talks about her vagina, Oprah YouTube Review, Ellen Degeneres ignores the writers strike,

Britney Spears Drug Test Results - Tom Cruise - Amy Winehouse

Britney Spears fails her drug test while her mother Lynne Spears was busy writing a parenting book...then passed it. Lions for Lambs opens in movie theaters, Tom Cruise movie news, Katie Price gets inside information. The inside look at Fashion and the hot trends hot for fall 2007. Christina Aguilera to have a baby boy and so is Halle Berry. Amy Winehouse says she doesnt do drugs...she just drinks.;)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gives Birth - Elisabeth Hasselbeck Baby Video

Conservative talk show host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck gave birth Friday to a baby boy...Congrats to Elisbeth and husband Tim Hassleback on the new arrival.

The View - Parenting - Parenting Video ft. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the ladies of the View talk about Parenting. This is actually quite comical.:D Could Elisabeth Hasselbeck be any cuter...?

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