family guy vomit

I had a lot of posts tonight so don't miss the Paris Hilton Post on the previous post page. Tonight in honor of the guy who won the hotdog eating contest, we explore the world of eating contests...enjoy.;)

Oh Weiners Weiners

Wow someone actually went to some kind of effort to produce that...I am simply STUNNED....sigh

Cookout Humor 2

I am willing to BET that noone ever DREAMED that someday this video would ever actually serve a purpose. TODAY is that day in history.;)

Robot Chicken - Sesame Street

Big Bird after the big hotdog event.;)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HOT DOG Song

This is the Clubhouse where the hotdog contestants gather before the big eat and then purge event.

Snapalope Hot Dog

I am not 100 percent sure that this video actually has a point at all...just like seeing who can eat the most hotdogs...seems perfect. Besides, it has hotdogs in it.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

This is the 2006 competition and champion. Wow I'll bet that winning this sport really impresses the ladies. (rolls eyes)

Moving Hotdog

Some American won some big world hot-dog-eating event. You can tell by how many details I just gave just how much I cared...sigh. But I guess Americans can be proud that they can win SOMETHING...we sure don't know how to win a WAR.;)

Paris Hilton's MySpace Gives Us Drinking and Driving Advice

In a particularly cheery message on her personal MySpace blog, Paris Hilton gives us some 4th of July advice: "Happy 4th of July everyone, and remember to be responsible and have a designated driver! Just looking out for you all. I love you (sigh...I have told her and TOLD her.......NO. She just can NOT take a HINT.) and have an amazing summer! "

I must say this is GREAT advice. I do however highly doubt that I will ask Paris Hilton to be MY designated driver tonight.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Yellow and Green - Cool Political Debate Video from YouTube

This reminds me of political debate.;)

I'm Nice!

Anyone else nauseated by Extreme Makeover?

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