iPhone - from Apple


A Closer Look At The iPhone

And to keep you informed.;)

Simpsons Bathroom Closet !!!!!

And....just because it is funny.;)

The Future is Calling: iPhone Commercial

People can't stop talking about the iPhone, so I decided to show this entry from a contest Apple held for people to submit ads.

bakkom i love sky

Ah...clean clear skies.;)

Hong Kong Choking in Pollution

In an article from ABC News, Hong Kong is choking on pollution. Pollution seems to go hand-in-hand with overcrowding but today everyone wants a baby ... sigh. Too bad they are so cute when they are little...makes people forget how they turn out when they grow up.;) So we take a look tonight at overcrowding and pollution. Technology can't solve the problem of overbreeding.;) Well it can but not in the way you thought of FIRST.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Fox Rolex (part 1)


Award Winning Animation on Global Warming

Hmmm...maybe we actually NEED "The Carver." ;)

planet earth eco animation home sweet home

Yup...I'd say the earth is polluted.


Quite franky it scares me that someone actually MADE THIS. :O

New Three-Wheel Car, "The Carver"

In an article on Yahoo!, I read about a new three-wheel car called "The Carver." For some reason stuff like that never seems to catch on. It will be interesting if this one is different. It started me wondering what other weird cars are out there?

--The Clever Cynic

Bizare Vehicles Top Gear

Sigh...what some people won't do.

Weird Car Mod

Tonight...weird cars.;)

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