I was invaded by ants....not just ants.........ANTS. So I decided to fight back by picking up some ant traps. I am not a fan of poison, in fact I hate poison in general, but everything else failed when I tried to get rid of them. I tried caulking the entire house, boric acid, you name it, but still they swarmed all over the house like paparazzi on a celebrity if one decides to squeeze out another kid.
I should have known better, but I read the package. It said, "if you accidently ingest any of this, and can still swallow, drink a lot of water. Wow that is comforting. What if you can't swallow? Should you curl up in a fetal position and just wait for the end? Should I try to snarf down a hamburger while I am incapicitated and have someone film it? Hmm...I am beginning to like the ants.

Clever Cynic: The Car I Wish I Had When I Have Roadrage

<---this is the car I wish I had when I have roadrage.
Thanks, Dennis, your art rocks.

The Clever Cynic: Feeling Suicidal?

If you are feeling suicidal tonight, DON'T. You simply do not know yet how bad things can really get...so don't leave yet, you have PLENTY more to see. Don't believe me? Stick around...I'll show you.

So grab your tools and follow me. I want you to go to this site http://www.1clipart.com/ and try to edit a graphic. Then I want you to decide you don't LIKE the graphic and try to navigate their menu and get another one.

(waits an hour or so)

See? you didn't even KNOW what suicidal felt like yet. Oh yeah and thanks #1clipart.com for the free graphic for this post.

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