I was invaded by ants....not just ants.........ANTS. So I decided to fight back by picking up some ant traps. I am not a fan of poison, in fact I hate poison in general, but everything else failed when I tried to get rid of them. I tried caulking the entire house, boric acid, you name it, but still they swarmed all over the house like paparazzi on a celebrity if one decides to squeeze out another kid.
I should have known better, but I read the package. It said, "if you accidently ingest any of this, and can still swallow, drink a lot of water. Wow that is comforting. What if you can't swallow? Should you curl up in a fetal position and just wait for the end? Should I try to snarf down a hamburger while I am incapicitated and have someone film it? Hmm...I am beginning to like the ants.

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