Big Brother 8 USA - 7/17/07 Analysis and Update

Tonight, Jen overplayed her hand, Daniele wins POV and removes herself from the block, Joe is put on the block and Eric, America's housemole proves ineffective.

Jen seems to be a bit over-confident now that she holds the power in the house. She certainly isn't making any friends and is making the mistake of making nominations seem totally personal.

The veto competition added a lot of drama to the house tonight. Amber was in tears because she felt she couldn't play her own game because Jen was trying to be the Mafia Don and threatened to nominate Dustin should Amber fail to try to put Daniele and Dick out of the veto competition. I must say that Dick and Daniele are wicked-mean at the game of curling and I wouldn't want to face either of them in a curling match. In the end, Amber threw the competition and Daniele won, although she probably would have won anyway. It seems that anorexia is the perfect training for that particular sport--leaving Daniele with just enough strength to push the stone to the line and no more.;)

As a part of the competition, participants recieved gifts of various and often dubious value. Jen won a spandex leotard that she must wear for a week before taking it off. I must say she looked pretty smokin' in that suit and all she needed was a set of horns and a barbed tail to make the outfit complete.;)

Nick seems to be playing everyone in the house, especially Daniele and to his credit does have a smooth way with the ladies. I have a feeling he won't last long in an alliance with Kail, Mike and Zach. His best bet is to try to get Joe eliminated and team up with Dick and Daniele, while keeping Jen on a leash.

Jen won't find many friends in the house once the elimination is over and she is back to being a regular houseguest. She isn't eligible for HOH and barring a miracle I see her on the block very soon.

Eric seemed pretty lame this week as our housemole. Jen dumped him out of the hammock when he suggested putting Jessica on the block, so I know Jen counts on an alliance with Jessica or at least has some plans for her as they settle into a groove in the house.

Jameka finally SPOKE. Yup, that is right, she actually said something. Zach bit her head off so she slunk back to her corner but at least she SPOKE.

Joe's days may be limited. He failed to get an alliance going with Amber and Dustin so I see him as doomed come the vote, as long as Nick plays his hand right and encourages Dick and Daniele to show him the door. This would leave Nick in a very-sweet spot for at least a few weeks as the groups start to battle it out.

There you go.......more than you ever wanted to know about tonight's episode.

--The Clever Cynic

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--The Clever Cynic

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--The Clever Cynic

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--The Clever Cynic

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