Christina Aguilera - Fever - Hot Sexy Lingerie Music Video ft. The Pussycat Dolls

Christina Aguilera has never been more popular, so tonight I posted a lot of her sure to check out the music video sites on this page to enjoy the full show.;) Here she is performing with the Pussycat

Oprah Announcement, Me Singing "Crazy Place" for Charity

All of YouTube is abuzz with the news that Oprah has signed on at is one fan's reaction.

Family Guy- Funny Clips from 100th Episode - Family Guy Comedy Video

Family Guy- Funny Clips from 100th Episode - Family Guy Comedy Video.

Family Guy Braveheart Trailer - Family Guy Video Preview Trailer

This is the funniest Family Guy clip EVER.;)

Global Warming - Practice What You Preach - Global Warming Video

She has a very-valid point.;)

Oprah Winfrey Gets Her Own YouTube Channel and All of YouTube is Abuzz

Oprah Winfrey launched her new new YouTube Channel called for lack of a better name - Oprah's Channel - whodathunkit? She has been a member of YouTube for a scant four days but all of YouTube is rocking with the news of Oprahs sudden interest in YouTube. Her first video has 397,842 as of this post. She has a way to go to catch Chris, it must really suck being outviewed by Chris Crocker...sigh.

Oprah Winfrey's New YouTube Channel - Oprah's First YouTube Message

Oprah Winfrey has a new channel on YouTube entitled aptly enough (hehe) Oprah's Channel. You can view Oprah Winfrey's first ever broadcast on her brand-spanking new channel by clicking here: Oprah's Channel. I have to warn you, Oprah is so excited by all this new technology that she is almost giggling like a schoolgirl.;) Welcome to YouTube Oprah.:D

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