Lindsay Lohan's Wax Figure in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum Changed to Jail Suit

According to an article at UGO, Lindsay Lohan's outfit has been changed to jail attire, following her latest arrest. Apparently that is what they feel the future holds for our glam girl.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Big Brother 8 USA - 7/26/2007 - Eric Proves Ineffective, Nick Slicks Back His Hair and Mike Goes Home

On tonight's Big Brother episode, our housemole had the tough job of trying to get Kail evicted from the house. Despite an admirable effort, Mike ended up going home and Kail sits comfortably in the house.

In the HOH competition, Dustin emerged the winner in a Big Brother Trivia game where a person who got a question right chose a housemate to evict. It soon became clear who the house guest's friends were and I have a feeling they will remember who sent them to the bench.

Dustin is in good shape right now. With the HOH firmly in hand he can eliminate one of his opponents and solidify the position of his alliance. I have a feeling that he will nominate Jen, Kail or Zach, or some combination of those three. A lot can change in a day in the Big Brother House and our housemole is a bit of a wildcard, subject to the whim of the American public.

I must say, Dustin is playing a SOUND game at this point and barring a power-hungry tyrannical stint as HOH he is pretty much running the game.

Dick THINKS he is running the game, but I think Dustin and company are merely letting Dick be the bad guy while they sit back and bide their time.

The HOH this week will force that alliance to the forefront. The true test will be how well Dustin handles the power.

Jameka is in a nice groove and is holding steady and flying low.

Nick is becoming quite the Casanova with slicked back hair and moustache. I guess he figures that if he just greases it back he can save on shampoo.;)

Jessica is a wildcard. There seems to be a huge alliance with sub-groups and I am not quite sure where she fits into the picture...if at all.

Eric is not playing a bad game. He doesn't seem to have much power, but at this stage that isn't really crucial. He doesn't seem to have many enemies either and went a long way in tonight's HOH before being eliminated due to buzzing in too soon.

Jessica is still a mess emotionally about being played by Nick. I don't feel that she is much of a force in the game right now but if Nick goes home before she does, she may wind up doing OK in a duo with Daddy Dick.

All-in-all it was a pretty-good show tonight.

--The Clever Cynic

Hard Rock Casino, Florida U.S.A.

This is sweet. I plan to go there on my next trip.

Lindsay Lohan - My Innocence

Lindsay Lohan has declared taht she is innocent regarding her latest run-in with the police.

Lindsay lohan Music Video - Music Video from YouTube


Polka - Vancouver Film School - VFS - Video Production

I must say this is ART.

Brian and Stewie Try to Escape the Army - Free Comedy Video from YouTube


Family Guy Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at one of America's funniest series.;)

Homer Simpson vs Peter - 2 Comedy Video from YouTube


Bernard - Bakkom Comedy Video


Lindsay Lohan - Harry Potter - Comedy Skit

Lindsay doing some comedy;)

LOST Fans Can Rejoice - I Guess

LOST fans, do you remember Michael? The guy played by Harold Perrineau who sold out his friends on the island to consummate a deal that allowed him and son Walt to escape? Well, according to an article on Yahoo News, he is slated to return this season. I have a feeling he will get a luke-warm reception from those stranded there.;)

--The Clever Cynic

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