Vincent van Gogh biography for children

Hmmm...I wonder if Van Gogh had been forced to view this as a child it would have driven him over the edge?

Vincent Van Gogh: Did he trace his self-portraits?

Interesting point. Van Gogh's self portrait work is is most literal. Now that they mention it it makes sense. The question is...does it really matter?

Family Guy - van Gogh brought a gift

Apparently Van Gogh was a bit of a cynic.;)

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - Don McLean

I had heard this song a million times and never realized that it was a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh.

The 61st Annual Tony Awards Airs Tonight, June 10th

The 61st annual Tony Awards air tonight on CBS. This will pose a possible conflict if you want to also watch The Simple Life, so if you like both, get the VCR ready. The official Tony Awards Website, is one of the Best of The Internet IMO. You can view clips of past Tony Award winning performances and a host of other cool-video clips in a very-highly polished website. So if you just want to see some really-great performance clips or get an idea of what a play is like before you fork over for tickets that may be just the site for you.

-The Clever Cynic,

Some Cool Magic For You to Do

With all the magic in the air these days with the opening of the Harry Potter Themepark, and the Harry Potter book and movie, and Paris Hilton magically escaping from jail, I thought you might enjoy doing a bit of magic on your own. This cardtrick site is really cool. I tested it a couple of times and it alwasys least for me. If you want to be really serious about can pick up all the necessary wizardly gear here. This should have you feeling like quite the well-prepared wizard.

--The Clever Cynic,


The Simple Life Starts June 10th

In case you are going through Paris Hilton withdrawal now that the fanfare surrounding her jail term is dying down I have just the ticket for you. The Simple Life, starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richey starts June 10th.
Now that Paris Hilton is the most-talked about celebrity, I am sure that you won't want to miss this.;)

Coin dominoes

Speaking of having too much time...obviously they did this at "work.";)

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