Lindsay Lohan Could Face up to a Year Of Confinment for her Latest Charges

According to an article on Google Entertainment, Lindsay Lohan could face up to a year behind bars and judging from the tough stance taken with Paris Hilton, I doubt she will get celebrity treatment. She is (see next post) however, claiming innocence regarding drug charges, so thing may not go that badly for her ... it all depends upon whether she can prove her claim.

I am not sure if I could stand a year of "Lindsay Goes to Jail" similar to "Paris Goes to Jail" so let's hope she is innocent.:D

--The Clever Cynic

The OFFICIAL J.K. Rowling Spoilers, Straight from the Author Herself

In an article on, J.K. Rowling reveals secrets that she has had to withhold all of these years during interviews about the Harry Potter Series. Besides revealing secrets about the books, the author tells that she may write a "Harry Potter Encyclopedia."
She wants a break from writing, apparently she has been a very-busy woman these past few years.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Lindsay Lohan Claims She is Innocent Regarding the Drug Charges

Lindsay Lohan claimed that she is innocent regarding the felony drug charges leveled against her, according to an article on In a note to Billy Bush, she said she had not used drugs at the time and the drugs found in her car did not belong to there may be a lot more about this story in the coming weeks.
Well I am sure there will be a LOT more to come about this story, but now it will include a whodunnit about the drugs.;)

Lindsay Arrested - Video from YouTube

Here is the video footage of Lindsay's latest mess. Today she is cooling her heels in rehab.

Museum of Modern Art NYC The MoMA

I bring you today the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Everyone out to see it at least once.;) So, next time you are in NYC catch a cab is well worth the trip.

Lindsay Lohan Returns to Rehab Following Yesterday's Driving Mess

Lindsay Lohan returned to rehab following yesterday's run-in with the police, according to an article in

Her untimely arrest kept her from appearing on the Jay Leno show where she was supposed to show off her braclet that was a badge of her sobriety...sigh

I wasn't really convinced by that display anyway.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Last Legion - Movie Trailer - Video from YouTube

Looks awesome.

Candidates@Google: Ron Paul - Politicians Embrace the Internet This Election

The politicians are quick this election to embrace technology to get their point across. Here is one Republican view.

CNN YouTube Debate - Democratic - Defining Liberal - Political Video from YouTube

In an forward move, the Democrats chose to embrace YouTube as a forum for expressing their viewpoints. The Republicans have some catching up to do.;)

Cnn YouTube Debate - Democratic - Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton

Here, Hilliary manages QUITE the witty reply.;)

YouTube Debate: If a Wemocrat Were Elected Will Taxes Go Up? - YouTube Video

The Democrats made a smart move embracing YouTube as a forum for debate.;)

Obama CNN Edwards Democratic YouTube Debate Discuss Sex Ed - YouTube

Thankfully, Hillary didn't have to answer this one.;)

Video Movie Trailer - The Last Legion Trailer - In Theaters August 17th

This looks AWESOME.

Energy Savign Advice - Holly Hunter

Every stap taken to cut energy consumption helps global warming.

The XYZ Affair - Comedy Music Video from YouTube

This is a riot. History has changed a LOT. :O

The CNN/YouTube Debate - tour of the set

Tonight we take a look into the YouTube Debate.

Cnn YouTube Debate- Democratic-

Tonight we take a look at the impact YouTube is having on this year's election.

Cnn YouTube Debate- Democratic- Iraq

Somehow, I think the first guy uses "pull out" a lot.;)

Global Warming - Cnn YouTube Debate- Democratic- Energy Issues

YouTube is playing a MAJOR role in this year's election. Here is a glimpse.

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