Breaking News PARIS Hilton RELEASED from JAIL

Nothing like the Commode Fairy to brighten one's day.

Animals on the Red Carpet


Pink's Infamous Spoof video

I guess anyone can be a superstar.;)

A Wii on a TINY 1 inch TV

WOW, they finally found a use for the Wii.

Lindsay Lohan Meets Fat Kid

And now for a commercial interruption.

Lohan Family in the News Again...Sigh

In an article on TMZ, "Lohans Get Nasty -- Caught on Tape," apparently Michael Lohan got a little wound up replying to Dina Lohan's people that he had to be restrained. Imagine that, a nasty Lohan...I must say I am surprised.

--The Clever Cynic, (or a reasonable facsimile),


Paris Hilton's Release Date Officially Set as June 26th

According to an article from ABC News, Paris Hilton's released date has been officially set for June 26th. That means that she has spent approximately 276 hours behind bars (give or take release time for a mysterious-medical condition).

This means, if you believe rumors that Paris and her mom were shopping the rights to the first post-release interview for 1.2 million, she made about $4,700 per hour in jail. Not bad pay for answering fanmail. Add in the $800,000 for the Hard Rock Cafe appearance and it goes to about $7,700 per hour. No wonder she wants to reform.;)

--The Clever Cynic,


cartoon network memories part 1

As you all have guessed, I love cartoon art ... this is awesome.

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