Lindsay Lohan's Mother Wants Her Own Reality Television Show

I guess Lindsay Lohan's Mother is tired of being referred to as "Lindsay Lohan's Mother," so, according to LondenNet, she is going to star in her own reality television show to boost her fame and that of Lindsay's younger siblings.
The show entitled, "Momager" of all things (rolls eyes) will hopefully let Mom shed her title. I have to admit it would suck being referred to your entire life in the context of your relationship to someone else that popped out of your ovaries....oh nooooo, not ovaries again.......sigh.
Wonder who will get a reality television show next .... soon it will be like blogs and everyone will have one and no one will watch any but their own. ;)

The Cheese Trap

I think America has turned Paris Hilton's time in jail into something this video seems appropriate.

Latest News Paris Hilton and Her First Day In Jail

According to an article from E!, Paris had an uneventful first day in jail. According to her attorney, Hutton said. "She's using this time to reflect on her life, to see what she can do to make the world better." I was glad to learn this. I had always acted under the assumption that making the world better was her primary goal in life.

I do however have to give Paris Kudos and a Salute for being a sport about the whole affair. She seems to be handling things quite well. In an earlier post, I suggested she take this opportunity to show America she can be a real champ and take her punishment...and I must say she is doing just that, even though her sentence is turning out to be solitary confinement...for her own safety. Twenty-three days in solitary seems a bit harsh to me.

--The Clever Cynic,

Paris Hilton Reported to Jail Early to Begin Serving Her Sentence

Paris Hilton decided to report to jail early. At 11:59 pm last night Paris Hilton reported to jail to begin her jail sentence. I have updated the clock so you can keep an up-to-the minute watch on her progress.

--The Clever Cynic,

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