Halloween 2007 - 5 Least Sexy Women - Amy Winehouse - Celebrity News

Maxim announces the 5 least sexy women...Sarah Jessica Parker tops the list.

Britney Spears Blackout Album Reviews - Myspace - Celebrity News - Gossip

Britney Spears new Blackout Album reviews, Myspace craziness, Britney Spears news and more from What The Buck.

Lindsay Lohan Clan Reality TV Show - Fashion - Paris Hilton

The Linday Lohan clan plans a reality TV show, fashion, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and a sock and other celebrity news.

Britney Spears Sprays Photographers - Arnold Schwarzenegger Claims Marijuana is not a Drug

Britney Spears sprays her way past the press, Arnold Schwarzenegger claims marijuana is not a drug...it's a leaf.;) Ellen Degeneres steps out, celebrity fashion and Heather Mills throws a bash and other celebrity news.

Halle Berry - George Clooney - Heidi Klum - Seal - Britney Spears Pulled Over Again

Britney Spears is pulled over by police and other hot celebrity news and fashion.

Kanye West - 50 Cent - Amy Winehouse - Victoria Beckham - Celebrity News

Victoria Beckham turns down Tom Cruise, George Lucas thinks Indiana Jones is a tesching tool...sigh. Kanye West and 50 Cent and their egos and Amy Winehouse news.

Ellen Degeneres - Spice Girls Concert Sells Out in 30 Seconds - Comedy Video

Ellen Degeneres - Spice Girls Concert Sells Out in 30 Seconds - Comedy Video. Hehe.

Madeleine McCann Film Pulled - Victoria Beckham Gets New Hairstyle - London Film Festival News

A Ben Affleck, Madeleine McCann film is pulled from the London Film Festival following fears that the film may be too controversial since Madeleine McCann is still missing. Victoria Beckham is sporting a new brunette bob.;)

Kerry Katona Talks About Her First Book - Her Autobiography

Kerry Katona talks about her first book - her Autobiography. She recently wrote another book, this time a fictional work, entitled, "Tough Love."

Kerry Katona - Writes Her First Novel - Tough Love - Kerry Katona Video

Kerry Katona interview and news about her newest book - Tough Love. Does she remind anyone else of Britney Spears? :D

Kerry Katona - Getting Steamy In The Bath - Kerry Katona Video

Tonight, we take a look at one of the UK's more colorful celebrities, Kerry Katona.

Kerry Katona - Kerry Katona Writes a New Book - Tough Love - Video

Kerry Katona wrote yet another book, this time entitled - Tough Love.;) I have a feeling that the book is quite the read.;)...considering Kerry's colorful past.:D

Kerry Katona Video - Hot Sexy Video de Kerry Katona

People the world over are always bashing America because of the celebrities that somehow come to represent us abroad. The truth is, that other countries have similar celebrities that are just as colorful. Don't believe me? Google - Kerry Katona - sometime.;) She is from the UK and is at least as colorful as the wildest of our own celebrities.;)...plus some.:D

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