Royal Watching - Prince William and Kate Middleton Back Together

Kate Middleton is back in the spotlight lately. Some say the pair is meeting secretly so the romance may be simmering behind the scenes.;) If Kate Middleton lands the UK's most eligible bachelor believe me she will instantly become a superstar.;) I'll keep you posted.

Tunng - It's Because...We've Got Hair - YouTube Video

I always wondered why I have I finally know.

Back to School Bargains on Textbooks - Save Money With Deep Discounts

I had a real eye-opener today when I went to buy my books for graduate school. They didn't have any used copies of any of the texts I needed and the bill at the University Book Store would have been $429.00. I about popped, so I went home and got online to find a better deal.:DIt took some research. I went to the University Website and obtained the title and ISBN of all the books I needed for my classes. Then I researched for the best deal on-line.'s textbook store offered all the books I needed at a 30% markdown for the new books. They also had many of the ones I needed in their used-book inventory and that saved me even more. Some of the used books were 90% cheaper than the new copies at the University. My order came to just over $200 so they threw in free 2 day shipping and that saved me even more.So if you don't feel like paying full price, go check it out: (this is the address)Saving you money so you can buy important stuff like party supplies or pay for movies and dinner on dates with hot girls.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off (1/5)

Tonight we take a renewed look at Global Warming. Hopefully some of these "scientists" that scoff at Global Warming take a walk OUTDOORS today. They talk about correct science, flawed models and other jargon. The fact remains that any FOOL can see that things are heating up. Our air is stagnant and acrid, our climate is becoming parched and arid. Yet some claim that pollution is not to blame? I hardly think so. CO2 or not, some form of pollution is obviously causing some sort of climatic change. Just walk outdoors and look at the clouds of smog swirling around the trees. This can't be good for life forms on our planet. It simply CAN'T.

The Great Global Warming Swindle 1 of 8

Yeah, yeah, the debate continues, but the naysayers are welcome to come water my dying yard that is baking in near 100 degree heat. If you took an aquarum and piped car and industrial exhaust under the lightsource nonstop, I can assure you that it would begin to pollute the ecosystem. You watch...You decide...and be sure to go OUTDOORS today.;)

Global Warning Revisited - Obviously it is Getting a bit WARM on Planet Earth

I know, I know, I have written about Global Warming again...but today we take a second look, because the problem is NOW.

Global Warming - Simpsons Episode - 'Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky

"Light pollution"...hmm I thought most of the scientists claim that Global warming is a myth? Maybe if all the naysayers about Global Warming left their charts and went outdoors the might notice that it is getting HOT out there.;)

Worms in Your Stomach - YouTube Video

Apparently one in three American's is wasting their money at the bait store when they go fishing.;)

The Latest News for Blogs and Bloggers - Blue Dot at Gnomedex - YouTube

This new software may change the way the web works. Blogs may become an even greater factor in the flow of information.

News for Bloggers - Gnomedex 6.0: Farecast and the Blogosphere

Bloggers will soon have a variety of new ways to explore to have their voice heard. This is a look at Farecast, including a demo.

Latest News about Blogs - Andy and Molly Stanberry live at Gnomedex

Here is a look into the Tech Conference and it's implication for Bloggers. The big story at this year's conference is Gnomedex that may revolutionize the way blogs exchange information and information.

Tips for Bloggers - Gnomedex 6.0: Kabir Shahani Launches Blue Dot

Today we take a look at Gnomedex, the newest attempt to network blogs into networks dna subnetworks to facilitate the flow of information between blogs and bloggers.

Latest Blogger Buzz - Gnomedex 2006: Bill Valenti and Rob Greenly on Melodeo

This is a look at some new technology to facilitate the flow of information between blogs.

Latest News for Bloggers - Gnomedex 6.0: Marc Canter on People Aggregator

The latest news for Bloggers. Gnomedex, People Aggregator is a new framework to tie blogs together. Here you can see it in action.

Art Video Production - Hallucii

You just never know what you will find on this you?;)

Art Video Production - Dots Dream

Wow, that was amazing.

A Tribute to Animated Mice

I must say, there are a LOT of animated mice.:D

One Laptop Per Child

Hey that is a really-cool program.

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