Kiefer Sutherland DUI - Kiefer Sutherland Booked for Another DUI

According to an article on, Kiefer Sutherland was booked for a second DUI...maybe he thought not enough people noticed the first time.:D

Britney Spears - Lindsay Lohan - Paris Hilton - Latest News - Video

The latest scoop from Hollyscoop.

Dancing With The Stars Season 5 - 2007- 5/25/2007

Tonight, the men got their turn to show what they could do on Dancing With the Stars, and turn they did. I must say the men came out every bit as tough as the women making for a competition for season 5 that should sizzle right to the very end.

1. Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough - Helio Castroneves, race car driver extraordinaire brought that winning edge to the dance floor tonight with partner Julianne. Julianne showed last season that she has what it takes to win and she was teamed with another winner this season in Helio. The pair has amazing chemistry and Helio seemed her perfect compliment as the two tore up the floor. These two should go very far.

2. Mark Cuban and Kym Johnson - Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks has an amazing personality. This guy is a winner. Not only did he slough off a recent full-hip replacement, he brought a style and charm to the dance floor that the crowd ate up with a spoon. His dancing is a bit rough around the edges but he makes up for it with flair. I look for him to be come a fan favorite. It doesn't hurt that partner Kym Johnson is totally gorgeous either.;)

3. Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska - Cameron Mathison, Soap star from All My Children came out solid tonight and I must say Edyta's amazing hips didn't hurt any.;) He is a tough competitor who wants to win and has a fan following to boot. He will do well.

4. Floyd Mayweather and Karina Smirnoff - Floyd is pound for pound the toughest boxer in the world and is teamed with one of the world's most-gorgeous women. Once Floyd focuses a winning mindset he will do well. He oozes energy and it can't hurt that Karina is the world's best dancer and best looking.;) His low score from the judges might prove his downfall...a lot depends upon the fans. At first he didn't have the best attitude in the world and that may hurt him in the fan voting.

5. Wayne Newton and Cheryl Burke - Wayne Newton is a living legend and perhaps the biggest celebrity ever to participate in DWTS. Cheryl knows how to groom a winner but the question is does Wayne have enough steam for the fast dances? He just might, Wayne Newton is a black belt in Karate and might dig deep and get in game shape...time will tell.

6. Albert Reed and Anna Trebunskaya - Albert Reed is a former surfing champ and is now a top model. He seems to be a real crowdpleaser and his partner Anna Trebunskaya moves with a sensuous grace that is amazing to watch. He will quickly gain the vote of the ladies and might show up at the very end.

All-in-all the men were solid. My guess is that either Josie or Floyd will be sent packing. Josie might pull it out because she is so totally-gorgeous but models usually never last long... Albert might just prove the exception...only time will tell.

Enjoy the show.

Dancing With The Stars Season 5 - 2007- 5/24/2007

Last night kicked off season 5 of Dancing With The Stars. This season, there will be 12 celebrities performing instead of the usual 10. The show started the night with the women all competing:

1. Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Melanie Brown of Spice Girls fame started off strong. She had a natural grace and style and her huge Spice Girls fan base should take her a long way in the competition.

2. Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas - Sabrina Bryan of the Cheetah Girls was simply amazing. She came out as quick and polished on night one as most celebrities do in the finals. Sure, she packs a few extra pounds and that dress looked awful, but she can cut the rug with the best in the world. She has a background in hip-hop that seemed to make it hard for her to learn a different style, but I have a feeling she will be very tough to beat and will go all the way to the end. It will be interesting to see how she does with some of the less-energetic dances. She has a huge fan following from her role in Cheetah Girls and should be a tough contender.

3. Jennie Garth and Derek Hough - Jennie Gart of Beverly Hills 90210 fame gave a solid and sexy performance. Her fan support may be smaller than the others but she may be able to compensate with talent. She certainly turned in a solid performance that was fun to watch.

4. Josie Maren and Alec Mazo - Josie Maren is a multi-talented model and actress with an iron in every fire. She is a supermodel, actress and business woman with her own line of cosmetics. Models usually don't fare very well in Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) and the judges were unduly harsh with her on her first night, but I saw a fire in her eyes that told me that she can be a tough competitor. If she returns she may toughen up and become quite a threat. I must say she is drop-dead gorgeous and that never hurts.;)

5. Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts - Marie Osmond the darling of Donnie and Marie fame is still America's darling according to the audience reaction following her performance on the first night. She has a HUGE fan base and may go a long, long way.

8. Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani - Jane Seymour former Bond girl and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is another of the most-gorgeous women on the planet. I must say the casting director of DWTS has an eye for beauty.;) She oozes style and grace. It will be interesting to see how she does with some of the more-energetic dances.

One thing is for sure, the 2007 season of Dancing With The Stars will be exciting and entertaining...enjoy the show.

Dancing With the Stars Season 5 Cast Announcement (Part 1)

Last night on Dancing With The Stars, the women showed that they will be very-hard to beat. Tonight the men strut their stuff on the dance floor. This season promises to be entertaining to say the least.

Dancing With the Stars Season 5 Cast Announcement (Part 2)

Season 5 kicked off last night with a bang. Here is a look at the cast.

Dancing With The Stars Season 5 - Meet The Cast

Dancing With The Stars Season 5 kicked off last night. This season's competition promises to be intense. The season began with the women and I must say they are a very-talented group this time.

Britney Spears Should Go to Jail for Farting - Britney Spears Comedy Video

This guy is a riot.

Halo 3 Mania, Taser, Rfid Chips, Wired Nextfest

The latest in pop culture news from Jetset. I agree...those there should not have sat by and said nothing while that student was tasered for no reason.

Finding Graceland Trailer - Finding Graceland Video Preview Trailer

This looks great.

The Ten Trailer - The Ten Video Movie Preview Trailer

I really want to see this film. Gretchen Mol is so hot.;)

Robot Chicken Brady Bunch - Maureen McCormic Book Scandal

There has been a rumor going around that Marcian and Jan also got into the is purely rumor, according to a spokesman from Harper Entertainment.

The Brady Bunch 2007 - Brady Bunch Comedy Video

Tonight, in light of the fact that the big scandal surrounding Maureen McCormick's supposed "tell all" book was reportedly a "wild internet rumor," we take a look at The Brady Bunch.

A Brady Bunch Variety Hour Tribute - Brady Bunch Comedy Video

Tonight, we look back on The Brady Bunch in all it's glory.

Brady Bunch - Fake Jan - Brady Bunch Comedy Video


Weird Al - The Brady Bunch - Brady Bunch Comedy Video


Brady Bunch - Brady Bunch Comedy Video - YouTube Video

Tonight, we look back on an American icon, The Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch - Eve Plumb and Maureen McCormick - Jan and Marcia Brady

The Brady Brides.

The Brady Girls Get Married - Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb Video

Tonight, we look back on the Brady Bunch.;)

Marcia and Jan Brady Get Married - Maureen McCormick Video

It should be OBVIOUS from this video that Marcia and Jan were just actresses that worked together.

Marcia Brady - Maureen McCormick - Video - Maureen McCormick

Wow, Maureen McCormick, Marcia Brady ... is all grown up.:O

Maureen McCormick - Video - Marcia Brady - Sexy in 1980

Wow, there was quite a crowd in there.:D

Maureen McCormick - Maureen McCormick Book - Marcia and Jan Brady Video

The rumor about Maureen McCormick writing in a tell all book that she and Eve Plumb were allegedly more than fellow cast members was dismissed as a "wild internet rumor" by a spokesman from Harper Entertainment. In fact, the spokesman added that the book had not yet been written.

Maureen McCormick - Marcia Brady - Scandal - Brady Bunch - Video

The rumor about Maureen McCormick was writing in a tell all book that she and Eve Plumb were allegedly more than fellow cast members was dismissed as a "wild internet rumor" by a spokesman from Harper Entertainment.

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