Dancing with the Stars - Karina Smirnoff

Karina Smirnoff is one of the hottest women on the planet.;)

Beyond Reality - Dancing With the Stars 10/01/07

This is a cool re-cap of the action on week 2 of Dancing With The Stars.;)

Killer Whale vs. Sea Lions - Predator Versus Prey Video


What's Your Bloody Problem? - Remix Video Production

Cool Remix Video.

World of Warcraft - Switcher Mage to Druid

Great World of Warcraft Video.

Citizens Arrested While Exercising Their Right of Free Speech in Washington DC

People laughed about the Flordia student being tasered...keep laughing as you are stripped of all the rights that make America what it is.;)

Britney Spears With Kids Before Losing Custody to Kevin Federline

Britney Spears lost her custody battle with Kevin Federline. Here she is in her final moments with her kids...I am sure it was a painful moment for her as a mom. Hopefully, something will work out so that she can spend some time with them in the future.

Trailer Oficial do Filme Tropa de Elite - Video

And, for our spanish-speaking friends seeking entertainment.

Dancing with the Stars Albert Reed - Eliminated - 10-02-2007

Sadly, Albert Reed and his partner Anna was eliminated tonight on Dancing With The Stars. I was sad to see him go, he seemed really interested in competing.

Angelina Jolie Moved to Tears at the Clinton Global Initiative - Angelina Jolie Video

Angelina at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Vibrator Comedy Video - YouTube Comedy Videos


Coworkers - Animated Video Production - Comedy Video


Law School Music Video Production - YouTube Video

This is awesome.

Britney Spears Loses Kids - Letterman Spanks Paris Hilton - Video

What the Buck discusses the latest.

Britney Spears Loses Custody Battle

Maybe Britney Spears can now adopt Chris Crocker and give him a good home.

10/01/2007 - Britney Spears Loses Custody of Her Kids - Britney Spears Custody Video

Britney Spears lost custody to Keven Federline today, until further court order.

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