Out Of Reach - Video Production by Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Another Masterpiece by one of the VHS gurus.

Beyonce Falls During a Concert in Orland Recently and Went on with the Show

Tonight I salute Beyonce Knowles. According to an article on news.com.au, Beyonce took a bad fall during her show in Orlando. THANKFULLY, she is allright. In fact, after falling down several flights of stairs she went back on stage and got on with the show...WHAT A WOMAN.

--The Clever Cynic

Beyonce Knowles - Irreplaceable

Apparently she is indestructible too. You GOTTA admire this woman for going on with the show after such a nasty fall.

Holly Valance on Don't Give Up Your Day Job

Holly Valance has been getting a LOT of buzz lately. Here is a closer look at the shining new star.

Robot Chicken- Mortal Kombat - Comedy VIdeo from YouTube


The Simpson Movie Trailer - Video Preview from YouTube

Simpson's awesomeness. It might be fun to check out this movie this weekend.

Kaye Styles Prison Break Anthem - Music Video from YouTube

Hey, this could be Lindsay Lohan's new theme song.

Clues VIdeo Movie Trailer - I Know Who Killed Me - YouTube

This is the clues trailer to the hot new movie, "I know who killed me."

Harry Potter in the Hood - Comedy Music Video from YouTube

These days, you just never know where Harry Potter will crop up.

Saturday Morning Cartoons - Cynic Style


Movie News - Get Smart Video Movie Trailer

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming movie.

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