George Bush Bans Torture from CIA Questioning

In an article in BakuToday, I learned that George Bush, in a humanitarian move, which I am all for by the way, signed a bill banning torture during CIA questioning. This means those brought in for questioning no longer have to fear being forced to watch Bush's speeches.

--The Clever Cynic

Sexy Paris Hilton Car Wash - Paris Hilton Has a New Boyfriend

If you read on in tonight's posts, you will learn about Paris Hilton's new beau. This is what it will look like once he trains her to wash his car. ;)

Return of the Dorks - the Search for Paris Hilton's Next Boyfriend

All of these guys stood in line for hours, hoping to be Paris Hilton's new boyfriend. Sorry guys...the spot has been filled.;)

Paris Hilton has New Boyfriend - Surfer Tyler Atkins

According to an article on E!, Paris Hilton has a new knight in shining armor.. surfer and designer, Tyler Atkins. I must say it doesn't surprise me, surfers get all the girls.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Xu Jinglei - Confession of Pain

Here is an example of Xu Jinglei's work. She is one of the most-famouse women in China and now the World's Top Blogger.

Confession of Pain - Xu Jinglei Interview (CCTV6 Report)

This woman now has the most-popular blog on Technorati. Congrats, Xu. She is amazing really.

Xu Jingleithe Queen of Blogs - Video from YouTube

This woman, a Chinese Actress/Director set up a blog 4 months ago. Her blog is now the most-popular blog on Technorati with over 1,150,000 views. Amazing really.

Blue Man Group - Subway Video




cPanel - How To : [Mail, Webmail, Change Pass, Parked, Addons]

Wow, if you have your own domain and it has cPanel, this is COOL.

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