Halloween 2007 - Scary Mary Poppins Video Trailer


Sabrina Bryan - Dancing with the Stars Foxtrot - Cheetah Girls

Unbelieveably, Sabrina Bryan was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars...I had it figured that she would win the whole thing.:O

Dancing with the Stars 6th Week - Mel B - Spice Girls

Dancing with the Stars 6th Week - Mel B - Spice Girls.

Britney Spears Mom Writes Book - Hillary Clinton - Rape - Video

Britney Spears mom writes a parenting book of all things. Hillary Clinton finally wins an award and other Halloween news.

Barbara E. Hort - Unholy Hungers Book Tribute Video - Vampire Video

Barbara E. Hort's novel Unholy Hungers - video tribute - vampires...just in time for Halloween.;)

Horrorfest 2007 - Main Event Trailer - Video Movie Preview Trailer

Horrorfest 2007 Main Event Trailer. Happy Halloween.:D

Arctic Sea Ice loss 1979 to 2007 - Global Warming - Video Simulation

This video was on YouTube and the naysayers were stroking their egos by flaming the post...sigh. They think global warming doesn't exist or isn't caused by pollution or the evidence doesn't support the claim. Apparently, they think the melting of the Arctic Ice Cap is caused by the flaming trolls that don't have a life.;)

And as for the idiotic professor who corrected my "misspelling" of "arctic" on a paper once and corrected it brilliantly to "artic" ... you were and probably still are a moron, anally retentive and a pompous ass. I must have caught the bug from the idiotic=flaming trolls who can't come to mental grips with global warming because it might put a damper on their lifestyle...denial...isn't it grand?

Some people won't believe that global warming actually exists until a huge tidal wave crashes through their front door and drowns them in their stupidity.;) Happy Halloween.;)

Halloween 2007 - 5 Least Sexy Women - Amy Winehouse - Celebrity News

Maxim announces the 5 least sexy women...Sarah Jessica Parker tops the list.

Britney Spears Blackout Album Reviews - Myspace - Celebrity News - Gossip

Britney Spears new Blackout Album reviews, Myspace craziness, Britney Spears news and more from What The Buck.

Lindsay Lohan Clan Reality TV Show - Fashion - Paris Hilton

The Linday Lohan clan plans a reality TV show, fashion, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and a sock and other celebrity news.

Britney Spears Sprays Photographers - Arnold Schwarzenegger Claims Marijuana is not a Drug

Britney Spears sprays her way past the press, Arnold Schwarzenegger claims marijuana is not a drug...it's a leaf.;) Ellen Degeneres steps out, celebrity fashion and Heather Mills throws a bash and other celebrity news.

Halle Berry - George Clooney - Heidi Klum - Seal - Britney Spears Pulled Over Again

Britney Spears is pulled over by police and other hot celebrity news and fashion.

Kanye West - 50 Cent - Amy Winehouse - Victoria Beckham - Celebrity News

Victoria Beckham turns down Tom Cruise, George Lucas thinks Indiana Jones is a tesching tool...sigh. Kanye West and 50 Cent and their egos and Amy Winehouse news.

Ellen Degeneres - Spice Girls Concert Sells Out in 30 Seconds - Comedy Video

Ellen Degeneres - Spice Girls Concert Sells Out in 30 Seconds - Comedy Video. Hehe.

Madeleine McCann Film Pulled - Victoria Beckham Gets New Hairstyle - London Film Festival News

A Ben Affleck, Madeleine McCann film is pulled from the London Film Festival following fears that the film may be too controversial since Madeleine McCann is still missing. Victoria Beckham is sporting a new brunette bob.;)

Kerry Katona Talks About Her First Book - Her Autobiography

Kerry Katona talks about her first book - her Autobiography. She recently wrote another book, this time a fictional work, entitled, "Tough Love."

Kerry Katona - Writes Her First Novel - Tough Love - Kerry Katona Video

Kerry Katona interview and news about her newest book - Tough Love. Does she remind anyone else of Britney Spears? :D

Kerry Katona - Getting Steamy In The Bath - Kerry Katona Video

Tonight, we take a look at one of the UK's more colorful celebrities, Kerry Katona.

Kerry Katona - Kerry Katona Writes a New Book - Tough Love - Video

Kerry Katona wrote yet another book, this time entitled - Tough Love.;) I have a feeling that the book is quite the read.;)...considering Kerry's colorful past.:D

Kerry Katona Video - Hot Sexy Video de Kerry Katona

People the world over are always bashing America because of the celebrities that somehow come to represent us abroad. The truth is, that other countries have similar celebrities that are just as colorful. Don't believe me? Google - Kerry Katona - sometime.;) She is from the UK and is at least as colorful as the wildest of our own celebrities.;)...plus some.:D

Royal Blackmail - Blackmail Video - Scandal Among The British Royals

This video ROCKS.

According to Guardian Unlimited, Someone allegedly tried to blackmail one of the lesser-British Royals. The royals apparently didn't take too kindly to blackmail and neither did the authorities.

This video has nothing to do with the blackmail attempt. I did a search on - Blackmail Video - and this popped up. Much to my surprise this video ROCKS...so enjoy the tune and video while you contemplate the whole-royal mess.;)

David Banner 50 Cent Akon speak on TI Arrest - Celebrity News

David Banner 50 Cent Akon speak on TI Arrest - Celebrity News.

Brittny Gastineau - Interview - Beautiful Brittny Gastineau Talks About Her New Show

Beautiful Brittny Gastineau Talks About Her New Show...could she possibly be any more gorgeous?:O

Robot Chicken - 1776 - Robot Chicken Comedy Video - America

This is America...hehe.:D

Jeff Dunham - Achmed The Dead Terrorist - Comedy Video

Jeff Dunham comedy video.

Sure Lock - True Poo Comedy Video - Dating - Romance Humor

Ah the memories.:D

George Bush fools Hillary Clinton - Video

Oh noooooooooooooo ... she is still doing that laugh...sigh. Can we actually stand four years of that laugh? In fact, I can't think of many things worse than having Hillary Clinton as President. I would prefer having my teeth cleaned every day for four years over having to put up with Hillary Clinton as President.

Amy Winehouse - Rehab - Remix Video - Cute Girl

Ok, this video proves a point. This shows just how much a gorgeous woman can get away with. The lip syncing is HORRIBLE but I watched it anyway.:D This just goes to show you that a beautiful woman can do about anything and get away with it.;) In fact, she is so cute, I posted it and made all of you watch it.:D Ok, so you can blame me if you want.:D Now that I think about it a lot of the videos on YouTube would get no views if the woman doing it wasn't cute.;)

Ashley Tisdale - Emma Watson - Cameron Diaz - Celebrity Gossip

Ashley Tisdale, Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz and even more celbrity gossip from the best channel on YouTube...What The Buck.:D

Stars of YouTube - Music Video - YouTube Personalities

Are you listed among the famous of YouTube? Watch and find out.;)

Wake up Cat - Animated Video Production - Comedy Video - YouTube

When your cat wants to eat...your cat wants to EAT.;)

The Higher - Insurance - The Higher Music Video

The Higher - Insurance.

How To Pick Up Girls - How To Seduce Women Video

The art of seduction. Signals to watch for when you want to pick up girls.;) Also how to present yourself to become more attractive to women.

Family Guy Stewie Kills Lois - Comedy Video - Acupuncture

Well that little sneak.:O

California Wildfires - 2007 - California Fires Video Simulation

Fortunately the wildfires are being brought under control. Sadly they have destroyed many homes and destroyed wildlife and habitat. Here is a simulation of how the fires spread as they raced through California.

Candy - You're Hired - Hot Girl Comedy Video - YouTube

Candy tries the job thing.;)

College The Movie - Movie Preview Trailer - Movie Scene

A scene from College The Movie. I remember her type from college.:D The "little sister" type...sigh. The ones who are the last to leave a frat party and call all the frat guys their big brother...sigh.

College - Movie Preview Trailer - College The Movie

A scene from the movie - College.

Nebraska - The Good Life - Nebraska Comedy Video - Rural

A fun romp through the fascinating world of Nebraska.

Oprah Winfrey - Weightloss - Disclaimers - YouTube Comedy Video

Oprah Winfrey, weightloss, comedy and more from What The Buck.

Leah Kauffman - Obama Girl Voice - Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song

Ann Coulter gets her own music video - Perfected by Leah Kauffman. I think maybe they are making fun of Ann Coulter.:O hehe

Hot Sexy Bikini Comedy Video - Bikini Babe Girls Talk Jobs

Tonight, I felt like posting videos with absolutely no purpose other than the babes in it look hot.:D Take this video for example.;)

Bikini Video - Hot Sexy Bikini Babe Tells What Girls Like In Guys

Have you ever noticed that even if a hot girl speaks gibberish, no one cares?:D I know, I know, this video is total drivel, but the girl is hot.;)

Street Fighter 4 Debut Trailer - Video Game Preview Trailer

Street Fighter 4 preview...I must say it looks cool.:D

Urine Therapy - Dumbledore - Allison Mack - Public Enemy Remix - Celebrity Gossip

What does urine therapy and Dumbledore have in common? Absolutely nothing. I doubt urine therapy could make Dumbledore straight again, nor could urine therapy make me care about his sexual orientation.;)

Celebrity Gossip - Britney Spears - Pete Doherthy - Reese Withersoon - Spice Girls

Remember the dancers that propped Britney Spears up at the VMA awards? They didn't get paid.;) Spice Girls ban kids from their shows...guess they figure kids can't handle spice. This and even more celebrity news from Hollyscoop.;)

Califorina Fires - 500,000 Flee Southern California - War Spending

Fires sweep through southern California and the United States continues to burn money in the war...sigh.

Bosses Day - Office Humor By The Gorgeous Cube Girl

Cube Girl shares her office humor...she is so gorgeous.;)

Ellen DeGeneres - Celebrity News

Ellen DeGeneres ... the latest news.

Marie Osmond Faints On Dancing With The Stars - Video

Marie Osmond fainted right before the scores were announced on Dancing With The Stars last night...fortunately she was ok.

Horrorfest 2007 - Main Event Trailer - Movie Preview Trailer

Horrorfest 2007 - Main Event Trailer.

Jane Seymour - Beautiful Woman - Hot Sexy Video

Jane Seymour - Wow.

Jane Seymour - Dancing With The Stars - Jane Seymour Dance Video

Jane Seymour - Dancing With The Stars.

Jane Seymour Dancing With The Stars - Bottom Two

Jane Seymour slipped to the bottom two on Dancing With The Stars Tonight. I must say I was surprised, she is much better than the bottom two.;)

Stardoll - Stardoll Video - Celebrity Paperdolls

At Stardoll, you can fashion your favorite celebrity or you can become a celebrity yourself by creating a me-doll.;)

Put Some Clothes On Britney Spears - Stardoll

Ever felt like putting some clothes on your favorite celebrities? This is your chance. You can use Stardoll to dress and undress your favorite celebrity to your heart's content...making you the stylist to the stars.;)

Stardoll - Beyonce - Britney Spears - Ashley Tisdale - Brenda Song - Stardoll Video

If you don't like the way your favorite celebrities are dressed, you can head to Stardoll.com to change their look.;) It is like paperdolls only using a computer and celebrities. The nice thing is the celebrities featured there are sober, aren't driving and they can't talk.;)

Mark Cuban & Kym Johnson - Eliminated from Dancing WIth The Stars

Mark Cuban & Kym Johnson were eliminated tonight from Dancing With The Stars. I hated to see the guy leave the show. He has a winning personality and a "can-do" attitude that made the show a lot more fun. I also hated to see Kym Johnson leave the show...let's face it she looks amazing in an "I Dream of Jeannie" costume.;)

Dumbledore is Gay - Get Over It - Harry Potter News

Tonight, I am posting about stuff I am sick of hearing about. Dumbledore is gay...get over it allready. Three days after the news broke and Dumbledore is still the number one top tag on Technorati...sigh. This story is more "over" than Chris Crocker. For one thing, I am straight and so the news didn't exactly rock my world. Second, it was a rather offhand remark by the series author at a book reading. I can't imagine the entire world dwelling upon Dumbledore's sexual orientation for three days...sigh.

Britney Spears Gets Her Kids Back - Celebrity News Video

Britney Spears gets her kids back and other funny stuff from What the Buck.

Chris Crocker's 15 Minutes of Fame Have Apparently Expired

Obviously Chris Crocker's 15 minutes of fame ran out ummm...14 1/2 minutes ago. Withoug Britney Spears this guy has no material. In another 30 seconds everyone will be saying, "Chris Who?."

The Bachelor - America's Next Top Model - Television News

The latest television news from What the Buck. The Bachelor, America's Next Top Model and some humor thrown in.:D

In Ancient Times When The Gaints Walked The Earth

Do Giants only exist in fantasy books and games?...let's take a look and find out.

Leona Lewis - Interview on the This Morning Show- HQ

The media world today can truly make someone a star overnight.;) Here is a look at Leona Lewis.;)

Britney Spear Runs Over Paparazzi's Foot - Celebrity Gossip Video

Hey, if you stand in front of a moving car, you should expect something like this to happen.;)

The Making of Crazy Loop - Dan Balan Music Video

Crazy Loop won The Best of the Internet Award tonight. Here is how the music video was made.

Best of the Internet - Crazy Loop - Mm ma ma - Dal Balan Music Video

I hadn't forgotten about The Best of The Internet Award, I simply hadn't found anything worthy in a long time. Tonight I found something that is more than worthy. Crazy Loop by Dan Balan wins The Best of the Internet Award because it ROCKS.

The Harry Potter Dictionary - Dumbledore is Gay

I guess we have a new entry for the Harry Potter Dictionary...Dumbledore is gay.

Crank That Dumbledore - Soulja Boy Dance Video - Soldier Boy

Dumbledore comes out of the closet and does the Dumbledore Crank Dat Dance.

Crank That Dumbledore - Dumbledore Crank Dat Dance Video

Dumbledore is out of the closet.;)

Gay Harry Potter Story Revealed - Dumbledore Was Gay

It is official, Dumbledore was gay.

Dumbledore Is Gay - Dumbledore Comes Out of the Closet

Apparently Dumbledore was gay. I am straight, so this isn't exciting news for me personally, other than as a passing observation. But if it is your thing, you can add one more to your team.:D

Keira Knightley - Keira Knightley Oral Video

Keira Knightley displays her oral skills.;)

Britney Spears Loses Visitation Rights - Halley Berry - Jennifer Lopez - Amy Winehouse

Britney Spears Loses Visitation Rights, Halley Berry, Amy Winehouse, Jennifer Lopez and More Celebrity Gossip from Somagirls.

Spice Girls and Victoria's Secrets - Celebrity News - Hillary Duff - Nicole Kidman

The latest Celebrity News Hillary Duff, Nicole Kidman, Foxy Brown, The Spice Girls, Sheryl Crow Fashion and more.

Jenny McCarthy Sexy Video - Jenny McCarthy How To Pick Up Girls

Jenny McCarthy tells you how to pick up girls.;)

Insurance for Children - Children Healthcare - House Floor

What a patriot...how can he say the war is lost if our troops are still in combat? As far as the healthcare issue...if you breed them...feed them.;) It is about time that those who breed the children pay for the children.;)

Samsung Beyonce Phone - Heather Mills - Lindsay Lohan - Celebrity News

The latest celebrity news from What The Buck.

Notre Dame Football Comedy Video - Notre Dame Football Humor Video

A funny video about Notre Dame Football.

YouTube Video Contest - Your Direction - Video Production Contest

Another YouTube Video Contest...your chance to win with your video production skills. Good luck

Lindsay Lohan Mobbed By Paparazzi Following Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and back in the fast lane.;)

Conan - Fire Alarm - Are Fire Alarms Effective?

Are alarms so commonplace that we now ignore them?

The Randi Rhodes Vast Right Wing Attack Conspiracy Hype Video

There have been a TON of rumors surrounding Randi Rhodes recent fall. Hopefully these posts help clear up the mystery.;)

Stephanie Miller - Randi Rhodes The Real Story - Randi Rhodes Video

There have been a ton of rumors swirling around regarding Randi Rhodes "mugging." In a later post, Randi Rhodes gives her statement.

Randi Rhodes - Official Statement About Her "Mugging"

Randi Rhodes - Official Statement About Her "Mugging." There have been a lot of rumors swirling around regarding the Randi Rhodes mugging. Here is her offical statement.

Dick is from Mars, Sally is from Venus - YouTube Comedy Video

Classic comedy video from Third Rock From The Sun.

Latina Spice Advice - How To Pick Up Girls - The Art of Seduction

Latina Spice Advice - How To Pick Up Girls - The Art of Seduction. A hot girls gives the female perspective on how to pick up girls...or how not to.;)

Nightmare - Hot Sexy Bikini and Lingerie Vocabulary Teacher Video

Nightmare - Hot Sexy Bikini and Lingerie Vocabulary Teacher Video. I must say, she makes learning fun.;)

Halloween - Hot Sexy Vocabulary Teacher - Bikini Lingerie Video

The hot sexy teacher explains the origin of the word - Halloween.

Ann Coulter - Barbara Walters - Regis and Kelly - Celebrity News

The latest from What the Buck...this guy is a riot.:D

How to Pimp Your Profile - VJ's - Vader Blues - Liam Lynch

The Latest Cultural News from Jetset.

Across The Universe - Video Movie Preview Trailer - Movies

Looking for something to do this weekend? You might want to check out - Across the Universe.

How to Survive an Alien Attack - Alien UFO Video - YouTube Video

How to Survive an Alien Attack - Alien UFO Video - YouTube Video. I have always wondered why we broadcast the location of our planet to higher-level species that would most-likely want to kill us all.;)

Big Brother Watches You Eat - Eating Habits Studied

Apparently, Big Brother is watching you ...even when you eat.;)

T-MOBILE Sidekick LX Launch Party In Hollywood - Celebrities

Hollyscoop takes us inside the T-Mobile Launch Party in Hollywood.

Blonde of the Year - YouTube Comedy Video


Paris Saves Africa - Paris Hilton's Love Life - Paris Hilton Video

Paris Hilton is heading to Africa to save the world.;) Hopefully Angelina Jolie isn't hiding in her handbag waiting to adopt some poor baby ... sigh.

Paris Hilton Heads To Rwanda - Paris Hilton News - Celebrity Gossip

Apparently Paris Hilton is planning to make good on her promise to make the world a better place.;)

Britney Spears Turns Herself In To Police - Britney Spears News

The latest Britney Spears News about her hit and run.

Britney Spears Enters the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100

Britney Spears new Blackout ALbum is a hit. She broke into the top 5 on Billboard. I must say I am glad she is enjoying this renewed success.

Britney Spears Album Release Delayed - Britney Spears News

The latest Britney Spears News from What The Buck.

Keeping Up With the Kardashian's - Kim Kardashian Video

Just when we thought that reality television couldn't get any more trivial and mindless along comes - Keeping Up With the Kardashian's.

The Simpsons - Neverquest - Video Game Preview Trailer

The Simpsons - Neverquest - Video Game Preview Trailer.

Burnout: Paradise Video Game - Carson GT Concept

A cool clip from Burnout Paradise.

Pamela Anderson, Rick Salomon, Ryan Seacrest, Celebrity Gossip

The latest Hollywood Gossip from What The Buck.

Super News - President Bush and Karl Rove Comedy Video

Super News - President Bush and Karl Rove Comedy Video.

Tucker Carlson - Can We All Just Stop Pretending to Love Ron Paul

Hmmm...speak for yourself, Tucker.;)

Candy Get a Job - Beautiful Girls - Hot Sexy Bikini Comedy Video

Britney Spears - Blackout Album - Video - Celebrity News

The latest on Britney Spears new album - Blackout.

10 Things to Say in Spanish to Pick Up a Girl - Video

Picking up girls is now multi-cultural.:D

Semi-Pro Video Teaser Preview Trailer

A look at Semi-Pro the Will Ferrell Sport Comedy.

Celebrity Gossip Video - Britney Spears With Music Producer at 2AM

Celebrity Gossip Video - Britney Spears With Music Producer at 2AM. Britney and Producer J.R. Rotem were having a late night out.;)

Across The Universe - Video Preview Trailer - Movies

Across The Universe - Video Preview Trailer - Movies. A preview of this cool-new movie...it is in theaters now, so you may want to check it out.

SNL - Impression Off - YouTube Comedy Video


SNL - Kevin Federline Parenting Tips - YouTube Comedy Video

Keven Federline Parenting Tips - YouTube Comedy Video.

Warhammer Online - Full Video Game Preview Trailer

Tonight, we take a look at an upcoming MMORPG, Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning due out in Q1 2008. As many of you know I am a MMORPG fantatic so here is a look at this awesome game.

Warhammer Online: Beta - Video Game Preview Trailer

No cows were harmed during the filming of this game trailer.

Warhammer Online Video Preview Game Trailer - Leipzig Game Convention

Warhammer Online Video Preview Game Trailer - Leipzig Game Convention.

Warhammer Online: Witch Elf Career Video - Game Preview Trailer

Warhammer Online: Witch Elf Career Video - Game Preview Trailer.

Warhammer Online - Witch Elf Career Video Game Preview Trailer

Warhammer Online - Witch Elf Career Video Game Preview Trailer.

Warhammer Online - Archmage Career Video Preview Trailer

Warhammer Online - Archmage Career Video Preview Trailer.

Warhammer Online: Lighting System Game Trailer Video from Games Convention

Warhammer Online: Lighting System Game Trailer Video from Games Convention.

Warhammer Online - Video Game Trailer - Animation Test Zone

A look at the Animation Test Zone for Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online - Zones and Battlefronts - Game Trailer Video

A look at Warhammer Online Battlefronts and the related zones.

Warhammer Online Game Trailer Video - Giant Knocking Down Trees

LOL...one didnt' run...hehe. You just have to admire his bravery though.:D

Warhammer Online - Login Screen - VIdeo Preview Trailer

If you have been wondering what it looks like to log into Warhammer Online...now you know.;) Actually this is the pre-beta placeholder for a login screen, so you only know for now.:D

Warhammer Online Atlas Video Game Trailer - The Warhammer Atlas

A look at the game world of Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online Production Podcast - The Chaos Chosen - Game Trailer

The beginning is a bit bizarre, but stick with it...the rest is great.;)

Warhammer Online: RvR™ Montage - Video Game Trailer

Warhammer Online: RvR™ Montage - Video Game Trailer. Tonight, we take a look at Warhammer Online and some of the amazing game graphics.

Warhammer Online: Sneak Peek - Game Overview Video

Warhammer Online: Sneak Peek - Game Overview Video.

Warhammer Online: Elf Race Video - Introduction Game Video

A look at the Elf - one of the races you can choose to play in Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online Video Trailer - Black Guard Career Video

Warhammer Online Video Trailer - Black Guard Career Video

Warhammer Online -:Archetypes - Video Game Preview Trailer

In Warhammer Online, clases are called Careers, and there are Archetypes, broader careers with sub-careers...(specialties).

Warhammer Online - The Combat System Preview Video Trailer

This is everything you ever wanted to know about how combat will work in Warhammer Online...well maybe they missed something, but hey, I tried to find you the best info.:D

Warhammer Online - Video Grab Bag - FAQ - Preview Video

Some of the FAQ about Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online: Empire Bright Wizard Class - Classes Video

Pre-alpha - Warhammer Online: Empire Bright Wizard Class - Classes Video. I have to admit I am always most-interested in the magic-using classes.:D

Warhammer Online Cinematic Trailer - Video Game Preview Trailer

Warhammer Online Cinematic Trailer - Video Game Preview Trailer. This is AMAZING.:O

Warhammer Online Quests - Warhammer Online Video Trailer

A look at how quests will work in the game. For questers this is the holy grail of Warhammer Online quest information.

Warhammer Online: Swordmaster Career Video Game Trailer

Apperantly the Swordmaster is the "bladmaster" type found in previous games. The Swordmaster is apparently obsessed with of all things, yes, you guessed it, the sword.;)

Warhammer Online: Public Quests - Game Video Preview Trailer

A look at the public quests that will he a highlight of Warhammer Online. The way it works is if you see an unusual event in-game such as a landslide, go take a look. This may trigger a public quest and I am guessing some phat lewt.;) This game looks AMAZING.;)

Warhammer Online: Scenes of War - Warhammer Online Game Trailer

A look at Scenes of War from the Alpha version of Warhammer Online. I am totally pumped about this game.

Warhammer Online: Marsh Temple - Realm vs. Realm Game Video

Warhammer Online: Marsh Temple - Realm vs. Realm Game Video.

Warhammer Online RvR Actual In-Game Video Footage

This is Realm vs. Realm as it looks during the Alpha phase of development for Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning.

Warhammer Online - Video - Class Animation Production

A look at how the animations are done for Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online: RvR Scenario Sneak Peek In - Game Video

Warhammer Online: RvR Scenario Sneak Peek In - Game Video.

Warhammer Online FAQ Video Pt. 1 - Warhammer Online Game Video

This may answer some of the questions I am sure many of you have about the upcoming game, Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning.

Warhammer Online: Baltimore Gamesday FAQ Video

I am sure that many of you have a lot of questions about the upcoming Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning. I admit that I have a lot of questions about this game myself.:D I personally can't wait to play...hehe.

Warhammer Online: Gameworld Preview Video Game Trailer

A first-look at the Warhammer World of War for Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning...woot.

Warhammer Online: Chaos Marauder Class - Demo Video Ma

Mutations...YES.:D The Marauder sounds like a Melee Class with cool-chaos powers.;)

Warhammer Online - Realm Wars RVR - PVP Video Trailer

Warhammer Online promises realm vs. realm Online. I really enjoy realm vs. realm PVP.;)

Warhammer Online - Maraudeur - De France

And for our French-speaking game fans...the French Version.

Warhammer Online - Marauder Class Video Preview - Game Trailer

A look at the Marauder Class in Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning. This game looks totally-awesome.

Warhammer Online Character Select

Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning is due out in Q1 of 2008. Here is the character-selection so you can start planning your first character.;)

Darkfall is Coming - Darkfall Video Game Preview Video Trailer

Darkfall is coming...woot. For MMORPG looking for a change from World of Warcraft, this might just be your ticket. As you can see, the in-game graphics are amazing. Wow, if you enjoy PVP as I do (bet that doesn't surprise anyone.;)) this game looks awesome.

The Life of a Hater - YouTube Hater Video

The life of a YouTube Hater...you know the type...they leave comments on videos and just bash people because they have no talent to share.;)

Ann Coulter - Has a Dream - Ann Coulter Video

Tonight, one of my now infamous investigations...this time into the "perfected" Ann Coulter.

Countdown: Worst Person Oct. 11, 2007 - Ann Coulter Video

Tonight I did a search on Ann Coulter as a part of one of my now-infamous investigations. I must say this one turned ugly.;)

Ann Coulter - Coments About Jews - News Video

Tonight, we conduct one of my now-infamous investigations and take a look at Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter - Talks About the Jews - Ann Coulter Video

Tonight, we embark upon one of my now-infamous investigations...tonight into Ann Coulter. Is it just me, or does anyone else think she has an Adam's apple.;)...as always you decide.

Carville on Coulter's - Insensitive Comments

Tonight, I conduct one of my now-infamous investigations. You might be smart to close your browser...tonight we investigate Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter is Crazy

Tonight, I conduct one of my now-infamous investigations. Tonight I did a search on Ann Coulter. I have to warn you that this one is on par with the investigation in to women who sing about their ovaries...continue at your own rixk.

Beautiful - Ann Coulter Tribute Video

I am wondering if Ann Coulter actually made this video herself.;) If not, someone actually likes her.:D I do notice that it starts off with an elitist comment. Why am I not surprised?

Ann Coulter - What Was She Thinking? - Ann Coulter News

Today's what in the world were you thinking award goes to Ann Coulter. If you viewed the previous posts you are already familiar with Ann Coulter, have probably had enough of Ann Coulter to last you a lifetime and deleted Ann Coulter from your Christmas Card list..."perfect" though she may be. I in no way intend to imply that only Christians can delete Ann from their mailing list ...any other religious group may delete her from any list they want without being imperfect in any way.

Why does Ann Coulter receive this fine award? Because she actually managed to make even more-thoughtless comments than Bill O'Reilly. Until now, I didn't think that was possible...but she proved that it most-certainly is quite-possible indeed.

Ann Coulter, according to an article on cbsnews.com, had the brainy-sensitivity to state that Jews need to be 'perfected' into Christians. " I personally have no idea exactly what this means, other than in some way Ann Coulter feels she is in some way perfect, more perfect than those of the Jewish faith and is superior to the rest of the human population because she in a member of a superior faith. That is merely my personal interpretation of a statement that actually makes very-little sense...it may be imperfect who knows?

First of all, those of you who come here regularly for whatever reason, know that I don't personally care what particular religious beliefs anyone has as long as they aren't bothering me with them. It has always irked me to the max however, if anyone tries to act or feel superior because they feel that their particular-religious view of the universe doesn't mesh with mine.

Do I feel superior in my particular view of the religious world?...not at all. I say live and let live...if your religion works for you go for it...just don't bother me with your religion.;)

Ann Coulter's smug-little statement irks me even though I am not Jewish. It irks me because it implies that everyone who isn't on her "fast track to God" that she enjoys through Christianity is somehow inferior. My personal view is...I want PROOF. I want to see hard-evidence that shows that Ann Coulter is so much closer to God than my cynical-jaded ass. Maybe God loves cynical-jaded writers...who is she to say otherwise?

The question that arises is just what Ann means by "perfect." Does this mean the newly-perfected will now have Christmas-mailing lists? Will they be forced to buy a Christmas tree and run the risk of burning their house down? Will they have to pay higher fire insurance premiums as a result of their new perfection? Will they be forced to participate in the most-commercial religious holiday of all and teach their children about Santa? Will they later have to admit later to small children that Santa was a lie? Will that lie be a sin? Does Santa have a "fast track" to God?

These and so many more questions go unanswered...and I am sure only Ann Coulter knows the answers. Next time I bump into her, I will be sure to ask the true meaning of Christmas...I am sure only she will know.;)

Snocap Up for Sale - Google Social Networking - Technology and Media News

Snocap is up for sale and Google decides to beef up their social networking.

Madonna Poised To Sign Multi-Million Deal - Madonna Video

That is some deal.

Madonna - Erotica - Madonna Music Video

Madonna left Warner Brothers and signed a $120 Million deal with another label.

Madonna Signs $120 Million Deal - Britney Spears Latest News

Britney Spears, Madonna and more celebrity gossip.

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant? - Photos - Kid Rock - Designer Valentino Retires

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant? - Photos - Kid Rock - Designer Valentino Retires

Cosmonauts CCCP - Degraves Street Subway

This is a video about an underground fashion outlet in a subway. I guess you have to be a really bad photographer to get in.:D

Band-Aid? - YouTube Comedy Video - Beautiful Girl Video


New Family Guy Comedy Video - Joe Gets Legs

New Family Guy Comedy Video - Joe Gets Legs. Hehe.

Doris Lessing - Nobel Prize Winner - A Discussion

Doris Lessing won the Nobel Prize...for her novels. Congrats Doris Lessing.

Doris Lessing Nobel Prize - Oh Christ

Doris Lessing won the the Nobel Literature Prize for her novels. She is truly an amazing woman and one of only 11 women to have won a Nobel Prize. Gongratulations Doris Lessing.

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Guy - Or So She Thinks

In my opinion (and you just KNEW I would have an opinion didn't you?:D) Katie would be mighty lucky to even get a date.;) Guys, when women think they have it all figured out that is a sure sign they don't have a clue.:D

Gossip Girl - Gossip Girl Behind the Scenes - Gossip Girl Video

A look behind the scenes of Gossip Girl, the CW's hot new series.

Rihanna Music Video - I Hate That I Love You - Rihanna And Ne-yo

Rihanna Music Video - I Hate That I Love You. Awesome video.

Street View: Six New Cities - Google Maps Video

Google Maps video. I must say that this is simply amazing.

Jennifer Lopez is Pregnant, Lindsay Lohan, Desparate Housewives - Celebrity Gossip

Jennifer Lopez is pregnant, Lindsay Lohan gets new teeth, and other great gossip from What the Buck.

Britney's Drug Tests Negative - The Spice Girls to sing at Fashion Show - David Hasslehoff Relapse

The latest celebrity gossip.

Britney Spears Reunites with Mother, Sister

Britney Spears Reunites with Mother, Sister
- Lindsay Leaves Rehab. Rumor has it that bookies are taking bets on when she will have a relapse.

Ron Paul Brings a Revolution to USC - Ron Paul Video Pt.1

Ron Paul Brings a Revolution to USC - Ron Paul Video Pt.1.

Ron Paul Brings a Revolution To USC - Ron Paul Video pt.2

Ron Paul Brings a Revolution To USC - Ron Paul Video pt.2.

Ron Paul - It's Up To The Young Voters - Video

Ron Paul - the latest.

Ron Paul After CNBC Republican Debate 10-9-07 - Ron Paul Video

Ron Paul following the Republican Debate.

Duck Tape! - Duct Tape - Hot Sexy Bikini Video

Hot For Words - The World's Sexiest Teacher.;)

Lindsay Lohan - Fashion News - Yankees playoff Defeat Ends Joe Torre's Career

Yankees, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and more celebrity news from Hollyscoop.

Pamela Anderson And Rick Solomon Sex Tape - Lindsay Lohan - Britney Spears

Pamela Anderson, Rick Solomon, Britney Spears and more celebrity news from Hollyscoop.

Clay Aiken - Airplane Attack - Comedy VIdeo

Clay Aiken turns comedian.:D

Radiohead - In Rainbows - Paris Hilton - Atari 2600 - Ooma Review

Wow the Atari is 30 years old.:O

Radiohead - Free Album Download - In Rainbows

The face of music is changing. Radiohead is creating a turning point ...they will allow fans to decide what they want to pay. Actually the album is PRICELESS...a true work of genius.

New Radiohead Album: In Rainbows - Priceless - Literally

The cool thing about Radiohead's new album, besides the fact that it totally ROCKS, is the fact that you can decide how much you want to pay for it.;)

New Radiohead Album - In Rainbows - Radiohead New Album

Radiohead has a new album - In Rainbows. Here is a look at the cover art. Radiohead is one of my all-time favorite bands.

Video - Carl Cameron of Fox News Interviews Ron Paul

Carl Cameron interviews Ron Paul.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View, Celebrity Gossip Video

The latest celebrity gossip, from Michale Buckley of "What the Buck."

Chris Crocker's Father - YouTube Comedy Video

According to Michael Buckley, Britney Spears told a friend that she thinks that Chris Crocker is "creepy and insulting."

Robotic Self Healing Chair - Technology Video

This is amazing. This would put an end to "some assembly required.":D

Postsecret: A Lifetime of Secrets - Video Preview Trailer

Postsecret: A Lifetime of Secrets - Video Preview Trailer. If you have never heard of Postsecret it is a project that invites people to send in a secret on a postcard.

Britney Spears Finds Chris Crocker Creepy and Insulting

The latest celebrity gossip from What the Buck.

Minesweeper: The Movie - YouTube Comedy Video

Minesweeper: The Movie - Comedy Video.

Juventudes Socialistas Comedia Pp - Video - YouTube


Ron Paul Calls For End To Drug War - Ron Paul Video

Ron Paul give his perspective on the war on drugs.

Conan And Jim Carrey Quantum Physics - YouTube Comedy Video

Jim Carrey interview.

Balloon Bowl - Skateboarding - Freestyle - Skateboard Video

This looks awesome...I want to try it.:D

Get Back Music Video - Britney Spears - Official

Get Back- by Britney Spears (Official)

Supermodel Kate Moss - Fashion - Models - Modeling

Supermodel Kate Moss.

Britney Spears - YouTube Worst Video of All Time

Someone claims this is the worst YouTube video ever. Actually, this is the second worst. Chris Crocker's "Leave Britny Alone" video would be nearly-impossible to beat for the worst.;)

Family Guy - 911 Call - Family Guy Comedy Video


Hillary Clinton's YouTube Advertisment - YouTube Video

Hillary Clinton, Presidental wannabe posted this advertisment on YouTube...it is safe to watch it...she doesn't laugh in this one. Oh wait, nevermind...she is posing with Slick Willy...view at your own discretion.

Why hasn't Hillary Signed the New Dogfighting Bill? - Election News

Hmmmm...good question. Maybe she was too busy practicing that convincing laugh of hers.

Hilly the Vampire Slayer

But what if the next monster to strike our nation is a former first lady...what do we do then.?:D

Google Maps: Getting Started - Google Comedy Video

Google Maps How to Video - Comedy Style.:D

Is Hillary Clinton Abusing YouTube? - Hillary Clinton Video

Hillary Clinton abusing something? :O Say it isn't SO?:O Well, at least she isn't cackling like a demented freak...that's progress. I always thought that Hillary Clinton was a very-sharing sort. This is a real shock to me.;)

YouTube Contest - Win A Trip - Video Production

Here is your chance to win a trip to the International Film Festival. Your video does not have to have cheerleader in it, but cheerleaders as you probably noticed add a lot. The cheerleaders in this video seem to have absolutely nothing to do with this video other than look hot.:D There might be other implications about the presence of the cheerleaders in this video, but you have to figure that out for yourself.;)

Baby Einstein Marathon - Baby Einstein and Baby Genius

Tonight, another of my now-infamous investigations. I decided to take a look at "Baby Einstein" a video program that according to Wikipedia is ... popular with many parents who desire to provide an early boost to their children's cognitive development, products of this sort find little support among experts in the field of early childhood education, who emphasize the crucial role of 'hands-on', experiential learning through exploration and manipulation of the child's physical environment. The question is are parents buying a product that is a time-saving substitution for spending quality time with their little bundle of joy? Do some parents feel that trapping their child in some kind of fancy restraint and forcing them to watch programmed television put them on the path to genius? Tne name "Baby Einstein" would certainly imply that it imparts some intellectual gift...let's find out.

Baby Einstein - Baby Einstein Video - Genius Babies

Tonight, I investigate an growing phenomenon. Can you make your baby a genius by trapping it in some kind of device and forcing it to watch television? Well, it seems convenient for mom.;) As I take a look into this subject, I notice that most of the babies are trapped in some kind of baby holder.;) This one is really nice. It has a steering wheel and a "seatbelt." I suppose 20 years from now we will know the outcome. Either they will make discoveries that change the world, or turn out like Chris Crocker. Only time will tell.

Baby Einstein - 5-month-old Baby -

Tonight, one of my now-infamous investigations. This time we take a look at whether you can make your child a genius by trapping them in furniture and forcing them to watch televison.;) In other words, we are checking out the "Baby Einstein trend." This baby is caught in a particularly-large and ornate trap. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but it is a trap nonetheless. If you hang a bunch of bells and whistles on a beartrap in the woods, it is still a trap.;) I wonder if Chris Crocker spent a lot of his infancy in one of these devices?

5 Month Old Watching Baby Einstein - Genius

I am not entirely sure you can make your child a genius by trapping them in a Bumble Chair so they can't move and forcing them to watch television.;)

Family Guy Top 10 Family Guy Moments - Comedy Video

Ten of the best Family Guy Moments.

Nude of Beads - Art Video Animation - Video Art Production

Amazing Art Video.

The 10 Sexiest Video Game Babes - Games - Video

The 10 sexiest babes of the electronic world.;)

Britney Spears : Get Back - new single 2007 - Hot Sexy Video

Britney Spears - Get Back

Hey There Delilah Spoof - Hey Harry Potter - Music Video

Awesome Harry Potter spoof video.

Season 5 - Marie Osmond - Dancing With The Stars - Mambo Video

Marie Osmond still has a million-dollar smile...she may prove very-hard to beat unless she gets totally battered by the judges.

Marie Osmond - Dancing with the Stars - Mambo Dance Video - YouTube - Videos

Marie Osmond has a lot of show business experience. If the can tone up and slim down, she will be very-tough to beat.

Dancing with the Stars - Marie Osmond - Celebrity Gossip

Here is the latest behind the scenes news from Dancing with the Stars. I must say Marie Osmond is working YouTube...smart girl.;)

Marie Osmond - Dancing With the Starved - Barbie Doll

Marie Osmond is really working the crowd. She is being very-clever to use YouTube to gain an even bigger fan base. She will be TOUGH to beat...she is still America's sweetheart 30 years after Donny and Marie.

Marie Osmond Weight Loss Secret - Dancing With The Stars

Marie Osmond knows quite well that it pays to promote.;) She is certainly working the YouTube crowd. Here she gives her weight-loss secret and promotes her YouTube video. I must say Marie Osmond has some smooth moves off the floor when it comes to PR.;)

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