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Today's what in the world were you thinking award goes to Ann Coulter. If you viewed the previous posts you are already familiar with Ann Coulter, have probably had enough of Ann Coulter to last you a lifetime and deleted Ann Coulter from your Christmas Card list..."perfect" though she may be. I in no way intend to imply that only Christians can delete Ann from their mailing list ...any other religious group may delete her from any list they want without being imperfect in any way.

Why does Ann Coulter receive this fine award? Because she actually managed to make even more-thoughtless comments than Bill O'Reilly. Until now, I didn't think that was possible...but she proved that it most-certainly is quite-possible indeed.

Ann Coulter, according to an article on, had the brainy-sensitivity to state that Jews need to be 'perfected' into Christians. " I personally have no idea exactly what this means, other than in some way Ann Coulter feels she is in some way perfect, more perfect than those of the Jewish faith and is superior to the rest of the human population because she in a member of a superior faith. That is merely my personal interpretation of a statement that actually makes very-little may be imperfect who knows?

First of all, those of you who come here regularly for whatever reason, know that I don't personally care what particular religious beliefs anyone has as long as they aren't bothering me with them. It has always irked me to the max however, if anyone tries to act or feel superior because they feel that their particular-religious view of the universe doesn't mesh with mine.

Do I feel superior in my particular view of the religious world?...not at all. I say live and let live...if your religion works for you go for it...just don't bother me with your religion.;)

Ann Coulter's smug-little statement irks me even though I am not Jewish. It irks me because it implies that everyone who isn't on her "fast track to God" that she enjoys through Christianity is somehow inferior. My personal view is...I want PROOF. I want to see hard-evidence that shows that Ann Coulter is so much closer to God than my cynical-jaded ass. Maybe God loves cynical-jaded writers...who is she to say otherwise?

The question that arises is just what Ann means by "perfect." Does this mean the newly-perfected will now have Christmas-mailing lists? Will they be forced to buy a Christmas tree and run the risk of burning their house down? Will they have to pay higher fire insurance premiums as a result of their new perfection? Will they be forced to participate in the most-commercial religious holiday of all and teach their children about Santa? Will they later have to admit later to small children that Santa was a lie? Will that lie be a sin? Does Santa have a "fast track" to God?

These and so many more questions go unanswered...and I am sure only Ann Coulter knows the answers. Next time I bump into her, I will be sure to ask the true meaning of Christmas...I am sure only she will know.;)

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