Dr Ron Paul answers questions 7/13/2007 (Fair Use)

Here is the latest scoop on Ron Paul's campaign.

Lindsay Lohan - Confessions Of A Broken Heart

Lindsay Lohan left rehab yesterday and headed out to hit the clubs. She did refrain from drinking and kept to the bottled water. I heard tonight that she is voluntarily wearing a monitor to prove to the world that she is abstaining. I hope she can stay the course. I am sure rehab isn't pleasant and I would hate for anyone to waste their time.

Bernard - 'The Vending Machine - Free Comedy Video from YouTube


Paris Hilton Reveals Her New Dog - She Now Has Eleven in All

According to an article on E!, Paris Hilton revealed her new pooch. You can go to the article to view the newest arrival. She now has eleven dogs in all. I imagine someone spends a lot of time picking up poop.;)...well hopefully anyway. :D

--The Clever Cynic

Big Brother 8 USA: Jen tells Mike She's Putting Up Nick, Mike Says Huh?

There may be a big surprise nomination if someone uses the power of Veto. Jen is talking about putting up Nick. Jen seems to be a VERY-Savvy player. Jen has a really-good take on the alliances in the house. I figured she would put up Jessica but she might sub Nick into the mix to keep him from voting for Daniele.;)

Jen in a Bikini - July 15 and Big Brother 8 USA World's Strongest Man

Jen looks HOT in a bikini, I must say. :O

Hitman Movie Trailer - Movie Based Upon the Game Hitman

Remember the game Hitman? It will be a movie this October.;) Looks awesome.

**NEW** Simpsons Movie Trailer 06/21/07

This movie should rule.;)

Nick Lachey singing to Vanessa Minillo

Well, I can't exactly say that Nick has a stellar voice here. :O

Nick and Vanessa Play in the Pool - Video from YouTube

Thie big story of the day in entertainment seems to be Vanessa and Minnillo and Nick Lachey. Will the cute couple be called "Lamillo?" Only time will tell.;)

Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo Caught on Tape! - Video from YouTube

Well, this isn't what I thought it was, but I thought you might still enjoy it.;)

Nick And Vanessa - Video from YouTube

Vanessa Mineillo, Nick Lachey's live-in is one of the stars in the new Fantastic Four movie. Soon, Nick will be known as HER live-in.;)

Vanessa Minnillo on E's Wild On! - Hot Video from YouTube

Vanessa Minillo, Nick Lachey's live in and star of the new Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer is getting a lot of attention, so we take a closer look.

New Blogger Post Feature Caused My IE Back Button to Stop Working

If you add a poll to Blogger, you might be aware that it caused my back button to stop working when I visited my website when I used Internet Explorer. So if you suddenly develop a problem that may be the answer.

--The Clever Cynic

Jen is the Winner of the Big Brother 8 USA Poll to Name the Sexiest Female Houseguest

By an overwhelming majority, readers named Jen as the sexiest female houseguest on Big Brother 8.

--The Clever Cynic

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