Sheriff Cites "Suicide Fears" as the Reason for Paris Hilton's Brief Early Release

According to Reuters. The Sheriff, accused of favoritism in the Paris Hilton Jail Debacle, announced an hour after her release that he had, "feared for her life."

Apparently Paris, having to spend so much time with....well, Paris, found the company so annoying that they feared for her safety.

I was so tired of hearing about Paris in Jail that I felt like ending it all, but the sheriff didn't release me from anything...this seems unfair and smacks of preferential treatment.;) I cry FOUL.

I also heard on Access Hollywood, that she has been offered a $1,000,000 contract for one hour of her hourly wage for her jail time grows by the day. I can see why they might fear for her life...that kind of money would make me want to end it all ...that's for sure.

--The Clever Cynic

The GOP is Finally Wising up About the War in Iraq

In an article from the Washinton Post, Senators Lugar and Voinovich voiced dissatisfaction about the progress of the war. I guess the two politicians didn't have to stand in the corner that day and finally realized that we have been engaged in a war for 4 years that is not to our advantage.
It is about time that the government WOKE UP and realized that the United States can't engineer the governments in every nation in the world...they are too busy doing childish things for that.;) I am glad that they finally realize it. I suppose I will have to stand in the corner now with my mouth taped shut for having a "smart mouth."...sigh School was the only place I have ever been punished for being smart.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Immigration Bill Moves Forward in the Senate

In an article from Yahoo! News, the senate revived the immigration bill with a "test vote." The legislation immediately stalled out again when conservatives managed to delay the vote. "They did so by using Senate rules to insist that the entire 373-page package be read aloud, relenting only when Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., agreed to postpone action on the amendments.
I am not saying that the bill should not be delayed, but I do feel that many of the tactics used by our politicians are childish. What is next? A new Senate rule that if someone speaks out, they have to write their name 100 times?
I blame our system of education for ingraining some of these childish practices into the American way of thinking. Some of the "punishments" in school were trivial and childish. The teachers at times seemed more childish than the students. It is time Americans began to act a bit more mature and take politics beyond the kindergarten level. With a nation with so many problems I highly doubt we can afford many of the silly, outdated practices of the past. It is time our politicians acted more like adults.
--The Clever Cynic
--The Clever Cynic

Eva Longoria Sets Wedding Date

Eva Longoria is planning to get married 7/7/07. She hasn't planned the location yet. She has planned the groom though, basketball player, Tony Parker. Congrats, too Tony.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Paris Hilton is Officially a Free Woman

Paris Hilton was released last night and according to, she, "celebrated her first hours of liberty with a delivery of Mexican takeaway food, a pink-frosted cake and a hair appointment." I happened to go to Taco Bell today for lunch, and it was JAMMED. So, apparently everyone heard the news and wants Mexican...well, except you if this is news to you.;)

--The Clever Cynic

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Paris Hilton to be Freed from Jail 12:01 Pacific Time

In just two hours Paris Hilton is due to be released from jail. That's right, for now the countdown clock is finally GONE. Woohoo. It won't be back until Paris messes up again.;)

The Knife - Marble House

I must say, The Knife can make a video.

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