Bowling Game for Your Mindless Entertainment

We go to great lengths to bring you the finest in mindless entertainment and tonight is no exception. The Table Tennis Game was a huge hit so here is another game for you to wile away the time. Click on the picture to be whisked away to the bowling alley.

The Internet is For Porn - Pirates of the Caribbean

A pirate video to get you in the mood for pirate stuff.

Best of the Internet: POGO for Classic Arcade Games and Freebie Casino

One of the best sites on the Internet is actually also one of the most-entertaining. I am talking about Pogo. It has a HUGE assortment of fun games and US and Canadian residents can actually win cash prizes. It is a blast to play and the freebie casino is a fun place to sharpen your skills before you go to lose your real money in real casinos.;) All you have to do is create an account and you are able to play a ton of free you may want to check it out if you have never heard of it.

--The Clever Cynic,

Something RARE Happens Tomorrow--Once in a Blue Moon

Tomorrow something rare happens. Don't get all moist and excited...I am NOT going to say something nice to you tomorrow. (that almost never happens) I am talking about a blue moon. A blue moon isn't really a different-colored moon. It actually means that a second full moon occured within a month. This isn't all THAT rare. It happens on average about every 2 1/2 years.

Pirate Master to Debut Tomorrow on CBS

Pirate Master, the new reality television show from CBS, is set to debut, Thursday, May 31st at 8PM ET/PT...for more information click here. Sixteen modern-day pirates embark on a backstabbing adventure of a lifetime. This sounds like MY KIND of entertainment...especially the backstabbing.;)
If you really want to be in fine form (meaning you are pretty much a total role-playing GEEK) for the debut, you can get your pirate name here by doing a short, but somewhat cheesy and entertaining, quiz.

Now That The Boy Shot the Wild Boar, Everyone Wants in the Act

Now everyone is joining the hunt...sigh.
--The Clever Cynic

This Man is not Drunk or Depressed

This man does not have a problem with depression or alcohol. He has a DISORDER. ;)

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