Auto Draw: How to draw Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

And in case you want to make your own Simpsons spoof video...

The simpsons lost animation

They found this old Simpson's footage in that old Plymouth they recently unearthed. Back then, it was just in the planning stage.

The O.J. Simpsons: IF I DID IT!

I will tell you later if I posted this.;)

O.J. Simpson -

Oh yeah, I would want to win the rights to this.

The Goldman Family Wins Rights to OJ Simpson's Cancelled Book

The Goldman family won the rights to OJ Simpson's cancelled book, "If I Did It." (see article here) Now that was SOME award. The family got a book that will never be puhlished...woot. They plan to rename it, "Confessions Of A Double Murderer." I guess that way they get SOME satisfaction out of the whole affair.

This goes to show you. The absolute best way to avoid being sued is to not own anything. As my grandmother always said, "you can't get blood out of a turnip.";)

--The Clever Cynic,


Young Frankenstein

The Parable.;)

Do Not Open (part 2)

And the saga continues...

Do Not Open (part 1)

About things left unopened.;)

Paris Hilton is Back in Her Cell Again

Paris Hilton had been cooling her heels in the med center, but her "medical condition" has been stabilized and she is back in the slammer. Something tells me we haven't heard the last of Paris goes to jail though.;)

Channel Image- DO NOT WATCH!

This is an interesting video...Why? Because it has 20,000 views, yet it clearly tells everyone "NOT TO WATCH."
Inside each and every person is a little voice that when we see something that tells us not to do something, we want to shake our little fist in defiance and do it ANYWAY. I speculate that that is why this video has almost 20,000 views, not a bad score as YouTube video goes.

My Christine, 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

This is a 1958, but oh well it is close. I think this is what they thought it would look like.;)

Buried Belvedere Lid Removal 2

And here they unearth that sucker...woot.

Tulsa County Buried 1957 Plymouth Belvedere

Ha found it on video...check it out. Wow, this website is so high tech. HA I was RIGHT they stuffed the trunk with stuff. Talk about too much junk in your trunk. I deserve the beer from the trunk.;) LOL they think this sucker will be PRISTINE..."they took every precaution." haha

Classic Car Unearthed in a Nuke Proof Time Capsule

In an article on Yahoo! News, via the AP, it was announced that in "Tulsa, Okla. - A concrete vault encasing a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere buried a half-century ago may have been built to withstand a nuclear attack but it couldn't beat back the natural onslaught of moisture. At a Friday ceremony complete with a couple of drum rolls, crews removed a multilayered protective wrapping caked with red mud, revealing a vintage vehicle that was covered in rust and wouldn't crank. "

Oh this truly IS classic. Suppose that there HAD been a nuclear disaster that all life had been erradicated and billions and billions of years from now, some wandering aliens discover the remains of our Styrofoam factory in space and work their way here to our planet. At least domestic cars would be presented TRUTHFULLY...thank god...what a hoot. Don't you bet the crew laughed when they burried that puppy. Bet when they get the trunk open they find some wild stuff the worker hid in there as a prank...hehehehe. The Belvedere was the coolest car of all time...what a great choice.

LOL it gets even better when they discuss the car...."There were a few bright spots, literally: shiny chrome was still visible around the doors and front fender, and workers were able to put air in the tires." Hmm...some tire manufacturer is going to get some UBER advertising out of this...if they are still in business.

--The Clever Cynic,

Robot Chicken - Noahs Ark

Hmmm...strangely similar to our space program.;) I am going to build my own ark...the Space Station...hehe.

The International Space Station Has Been Getting a Lot of Attention

You will be happy to know that scientists are still working diligently in space to try to extend life beyond our own planet. (see full article here) The space station has been expanded and they are having a good time up there apparently. They are working at an accelerated pace because we have spent so much on the space program over the years that we have let planet earth just go to the dogs. Hopefully, they discover a clean-new planet soon because time is running out.

Since 1961 over 400 people from all over the world have ventured into space, so you can see how efficient it it will be for the billions of residents of planet earth to venture forth to our clean-new planet.

So far, the effort to find a way to extend life beyond our own planet has been fruitless, so has the quest to find a way that the space program has benefited Americans beyond the invention of Styrofoam...but they are still working on it.;) It seems to me they are essentially building a very-expensive ark.

--The Clever Cynic,


Knut the Polar Bear Cub Raking in Millions at Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo is taking in a fortune as visitors line up to see the first polar bear born at the zoo in 33 years. (full article here) The bear, named "Cute Knut" (of all things, rolls eyes) apparently someone thought it cute when it's father was able to get excited enough in front of all those visitors to actually make "Cute Knut."
Hopefully, Cute Knut is not affected by all the press and attention and does not turn out to be overly-theatrical like the bear in this clipart...sigh.

Asia Brief - Rome Reborn Virtual Model

A huge 3-D model of ancient Rome has been developed that will allow you to experience Rome in the days of its glory. Tourists visiting Rome can go on a virtual tour that depicts Rome as it evolved through the when in Rome you can do like the Romans did.;)

robot chicken Super-Villain Carpool

Superhero villians are getting a lot of attention this summer with the release of "Spider-Man 3" and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," So, they are out doing a lot of interviews. They tend not to me paid as much as the good guys, so high-gas prices are forcing many of them to carpool.

Captain Crunch on Family Guy

The Captain fights back about all the negative press. I guess you better not mess with the Cap'n.

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