LOST to Plan Out the Last 48 Episodes

In an article on E!, the producers of LOST apparently announced plans to actually plan out the plot in advance. Up until now, they must have been winging it as they went along.;) I enjoy the series a lot; therefore, I am glad to learn that there is actually a PLAN and apparently they will now formulate a grand plan. I was actually beginning to wonder after I read that Ben was originally in for a short appearance, but the producers took a liking to the character and decided to work him into a greater role.;)

In fact, I am going through a bit of LOST withdrawal, so I devised a plan. Starting a while back, I started sneaking secret URLs into this site. I know, I know, I am a sneaky bastard. Basically the way it works is this. From time to time over the next six months, I will slip clues into this blog on the order of LOST, except I am not actually winging it. In fact, I have been doing so for a while now. It is no coincidence that a yo-yo happens to crop up twice in some of the graphics. The clues are sublime and understanding the extremely-murky depths of this blog, that already seems demented enough at face value, is probably not a feature everyone will want to partake of for the additional wisdom it will reveal, or the mental-health risks involved. But, for those who enjoy that sort of thing, knock yourself out. In the end I will reveal some truth so staggering that it will permanently alter your view of the universe...or make you so sick that you actually chose to participate that you leave, never to return...who knows? Like I said, if you like a mystery, take the clues for a spin.

Paris Hilton to Host Bash at the Hard Rock Cafe to Celebrate Her Release

I had to up the number of posts on the main page to 10 because I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to run my mouth about tonight.

Tonight on Extra! <---(you may want to check this out...I was hunting the link and it shows a pre-rehab Britney....yuck...) (adds Britney to the list of people who can not have my love child...this is getting to be quite a list...hmm, I had better start an actual list in a post sometime.) Ok, back to the story.

Tonight on Extra I leaned that Paris Hilton is to host a huge bash at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Las Vegas to celebrate her release. (you gotta admit you really can learn stuff here first ;) ) Apparently, she forgot about God once she was offered $800,000 to host this huge drinking and gambling fest...imagine that. I guess a "good role model" hosts drinking events at casinos in the sin capital of the world.

Actually, the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino is a HAPPENING place with awesome food and great music, so if you are ever in Vegas and want a place to hang I highly recommend it...but no one would EVER mistake me for being a good role model so I can recommend without being a total hypocrite.;) In fact, the party in question is probably an awesome party.;)....but that isn't the point.

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Captain Crunch is Back!

This video is excellent and the cat doesn't look fat either.;)

Cap'n Crunch and Jean LaFoote - Circus

Here the Captain saves a MULTICURLTURAL GROUP with his amazing cereal. One youth is even wearing GLASSES. :O

Captain Crunch Snow Cones

And here a child prepares a nutritious snack with Captain Crunch...it features LOW FAT MILK...oooooooh...nice.:)

SolidGoldHits - Locking by Captain Crunch and the FunkyBunch

A tribute to The Captain...hmmm...funny thing is, these guys don't look fat.

Cap'n Crunch early 70's cereal commercials

It stays CRUNCHY...even in milk.;)

Junk food ads

To thier credit they do show the "apple" as a real couch potato.;)

Captain Crunch's Ship Under Fire

In an article on CSPI Newsroom, apparently Viacom and Kelloggs, including I assume Captain Crunch, are under fire by parents for the nutritious message they send our tubby-young Americans. In other words, someone is suing Captain Crunch.:(

Apparently, alarmed that a lot of our nation's kids are on the chubby side, parents are looking to blame someone besides the one who actually DOES THE SHOPPING.;) (of course)

What does this mean for America? One of our cultural icons, Captain Crunch is being sued. Yes it is true. The Captain, stalwart of countless years of Saturday morning cartoons is under fire because a lot of our kids can't get off the couch to do more than go to the bathroom and parents need someone to blame.;) I assume that The Captain stuffs all those non-nutritious goodies in mom or dad's shopping cart at the store and keeps the parents from buying fruit and vegetables...the scoundrel.;) Americans have used the TV set as a babysitter for generations and now they apparently expect the poor Captain to be the parent as well...sigh.

--The Clever Cynic, http://theclevercynic.blogspot.com/

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

This Video is kind of cool.

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