Weddings From the Guy's Perspective

Yesterday's investigation probably left the ladies purring like kittens, but the guys are probably ready to beat me like a read-headed step child.
For those stalwart guys who actually had faith and returned to give this another shot, tonight is their turn. Yes, you are right, tonight I bring to you, "weddings from the guy's perspective."
First off, you have to realign your karma, restore your zen, repair your yin and yang and recover your full masculinity by wiping away some of the dirty taint that some of yesterdays video posts probably left hanging about. So I prepared a video cure for what ails you. Just watch the following video until you feel normal and then proceed with the rest. Let me give you a hint while I am at it. If a woman ever expresses her pride that you, "are getting in touch with your feminine side," she means she has you "whipped." So watch out for that one.
I for one don't have a feminine side. I have never been in touch with my feminine side and don't even want my feminine side to text me on holidays. With that in mind, I have no doubt I will cure the blues left by the debacle created by yesterday's investigation...thanks for keeping the faith.;)

Aish Abhi Wedding Rex Cartoon by Waheed Javed

I had to watch this video FOUR times before I didn't feel dirty anymore from watching some of those mushy, sappy videos yesterday. So guys, keep watching it over and over until you feel the hair begin to grow back in on your chest...then you'll be fine.

Bridezilla - The Wedding Ring

And so begins the saga...Weddings From the Male Perspective.;)

He Wants a Three-way; She Wants a Wedding Day

;)...No comment. Smart guys know when to keep their mouth SHUT.;)

Shrek and Fiona: The Greatest Fairy Tale Never Told

This guy needs to learn the most-valuable lesson of all..."If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.;)

Pamela 4 Stephen

A guy who is SMART ENOUGH not to get involved in wedding planning.;)

Obviously another wedding planned by a guy.;)

25th Anniversary

This was just too good not to post.;) THIS IS CLASSIC.

Four Funerals and a Wedding much for growing old together.;)

Michelle and Vish wedding announcement.

Wow...he has her performing like a trained seal...this must have been SOME WEDDING.;)

Not Until You Dance

Guys, sometimes it isn't the smartest idea to have your best friend be the best man.;)

Janitor X - The Wedding

This is why they don't let the GUY plan the wedding.;)

marriage joke

Now that you are back in sync, this describes the yin-yang balance between the sexes.;) All things in balance.

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