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Tonight on Big Brother 8, several houseguests got a surprise. Dustin found out his partner Amber is NUTS. Evel Dick realized he doesn't have anough supporters and Eric got another bad break. So ... Welcome to the jungle.;)

Big Brother 8 - 8/9/2007 - Kail Goes Home - Jessica Wins HOH on Error by Julie Chen

Correction: In my last article about Big Brother 8, I wrote that Jen, Jameka, and Kail had all lost the ability to compete in the next 5 HOH competitions. I was mistaken and Jen did NOT lose the power to compete in the competitions after all, as I learned on tonight's show.

In tonight's show, Kail, as I predicted went home. The self-proclaimed "multi-business owner of four businesses that employs over half the town"overplayed her hand early on and took the HOH the first time out...that proved her undoing. (It turns out the businesses owned by our big and bad "multi-business owner" are four mom and pop operations in a town that I estimate has a population of about 160) The third time was the charm and in a close vote, Kail was sent packing, still wearing her bunny suit, but stripped of her dignity.;)

Prior to the vote, Amber became unraveled about a secret that she had shared with Eric that apparently he had confided to Evel Dick that he was holding to use in a power play at the end. To be honest Amber's personal life and it's little affairs are hardly a factor in the game and I have no doubt that inside or out no one really cares about Amber's love life. She became quite the drama queen in a move that probably cost her and buddy Dustin a lot of position in the house. She went on a tirade that rivaled Evel Dick's little tantrums and apparently forgot all about her close ties with God as she launched a string of obscenities that would make the late Richard Pryor blush with shame. Apparently Amber has some special affinity with the Almighty that I don't know about that allows rude psychotic, vulgar behavior. Dustin keeps saying he doesn't like how Evel Dick plays the game, but now he finds himself paired with a drama queen with a tongue like a Bourbon Street Streetwalker. Congrats, Dustin...welcome to da jungle.;)

Jen, in an idiotic move, allied herself with the losing side. I think Evel Dick under calculated the numbers in his support group and when Jessica nominates, I see him sitting firmly on the block beside daughter Daniele.

I like how Jessica stepped up a few days ago and took the reins. I have always felt that she and Dustin were the two with the most skills in the house and I think that with Jameka virtually USELESS now, Jessica was smart to jump ship. I would really like to see her win the game. I was rooting for Jen because Jen was the only one playing the game, but now that Jessica has revealed her hand I would like to see her go far in the game. It has really become a middle-school mentality in the house and that is Jessica's best arena.;) Last week, I thought about supporting Jen but she didn't play it very smart this week.

Eric just CAN'T win. He has more bad breaks than Lindsay Lohan. First a plane soars over revealing his strategy, followed by an error on the part of Julie Chen, that caused him to lose against Jessica in tonight's HOH competition. On the bright side, I doubt he is in danger and that leaves him free to compete again next week.;) Don't count Eric out of the game yet, he is tougher than he looks and plays a VERY-smart game.

Dustin was in a really strong spot in the house, prior to Amber's little display. Now I think he will be shopping around for help and will have trouble finding an out.

Jameka is not in as bad a spot as she thinks. No one is in a hurry to eliminate her because she can't compete for HOH. It is much better to eliminate a THREAT.;) So barring another idiotic move on her part, she can coast four more weeks while Dustin and Jessica joust with Dick and Daniele. Then the infighting will begin and the survivors will begin to go after the opposing, surviving pairs. If Jameka makes the right pairing at the end and can pull off a win she could be in a really sweet spot thanks to her total ineptness...isn't life grand sometimes? I'll bet Eric wishes he had that kind of luck.hehe

There you go...more that you ever wanted to know about my take on Big Brother 8...

--The Clever Cynic

Robot Chicken Bloopers - Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica an Investigation into Trekies


Robot Chicken - Star Trek - Today We Take a Look Into "Trekies" and Spock Humor

Hehe. Of course the Doctor has to go...sigh. That SPOCK is a wascal.:D

Lego Star Trek - Trekies an Investigation - YouTube Video

Cool...Trekies can also play with BLOCKS.:O Say it isn't so.

Art Video - Spray Painting - Star Trek Trekies - an Investigation

Today we look at "Trekies" and their many talents.

Trekies Are Not All Geeks - An Investigation

Yes...that was VERY convincing...sigh.

Search for Spock - Trekies - An Investigation

Today, we look in to the scary side of Star Trek..."Trekies.";)

Leonard Nimoy Spock - Music Video

Today we conduct an investigation into "trekies." I have a feeling this will be even worse than my look into women who sing about their ovaries...sigh.

Big Spock - Star Treck Fan in Action

Wow. Star Trek fandom taken to all-new levels...sigh.

Spock - Star Trek Cribs - The Director's Cut

This is where Spock chills.;)

UFO Sighting In Salt Lake City? - Or are They Rushing Help To Britney Spears?

Is that a UFO? Or are they airrushing help to Britney Spears?;) Actually they CLAIM it is a UFO. You decide.

Marketing Made Simple - Hot Chics Car wasH...? is all in the marketing.;)

The Police - Walking on the Moon - America's Got Talent Comparison

Here is the Police Version of the song that cas Haley covered on America's Got Talent.

Cas Haley - America's Got Talent

This guy has such a SMOOTH style.

Quick Change Artists on America's Got Talent

I personally think thiw was the BEST act ever on America's Got Talent.

New York - Tornado in BayRidge, Brooklyn 8/08/2007

Another clip of the highly-unusual tornado that swept throught Brooklyn in New York.

Unusual New York - Tornado hits Kensington Brooklyn weds Aug 8 2007 630 AM

Here is footage of the unusual tornado that hit Brooklyn in New York yesterday.

Bart the Genius - Comedy Video from YouTube


Games News - First FIFA 08 Trailer

This looks great.

Battle at Kruger

AMAZING...Guess that proves that there is strength in numbers.;)

America's Got Talent Should Try This - Sci-Fi Has Been Talent Agency Spoof

America's Got Talent should try this to find a replacement for Piers.

Studivz Crawler @ Work

Wow that is AMAZING.

Cuban Pete (The Mask Theme Song)

One of the best movies EVER.

MMORPG News - 2Moons Dekaron Game Play

This game looks AWESOME.

MMORPG News - WOW - World of Warcraft - Private Server (Underground) 1

Apparently there is a private server for WOW.

Jean Louisa Kelly - Video from YouTube

Well, they say if you can't cook in the kitchen, you can't cook anywhere else.;)

Cas Haley America's Got Talent Top 8

I must say that cas Haley really brought down the house on the last America's Got Talent. Does he have what it takes to win?

Lions For Lambs - Full Movie Video Preview Trailer

This looks great. Here is a different trailer.

Lions For Lambs - Video Movie PreviewTrailer

Here is a look at Tom Cruise's newest film.

NASA - Teacher on Next Space Shuttle Mission - VOA Story

Finally, after 22 years a teacher made it into outer space on today's space shuttle launch. Here is a closer look.

Eddie Van Halen and Fender: Together at Last!

If you havn't heard, Eddie Van Halen, his son Wolfgang, David Lee Roth and Van Halen plan a reunion tour this fall. It should be AWESOME.

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