Kirstie Alley Bikini Video - Kirstie Alley Oprah Weightloss Video - Letterman Show

Kirstie Alley Bikini Video - Kirstie Alley Oprah Weightloss Video - Letterman Show

I have been checking out hot bikini babes in case I need one (or several) for a hot babes bikini video for my The Clever Cynic for President campaign. For those of you who havn't been to The Clever Cynic for a day or two, (i.e. slackers) I decided to run for President of the United States. I figured that I better add "of the United States" for clarification purposes since I am sure many of you wonder from time to time if I am even from this planet.;)

The interesting thing is that blog traffic has DOUBLED since I decided to run for thank all of you for the overwhelming show of support.:D As I told in an earlier post (for you slackers who missed it), Ralph Nader, out of the blue, decided to run for President for the fourth time. If you ask me, if you lose three time you should give up.;) So I decided to run for President, since it seems you can just join the show at any time. Actually, you can write my name in on the ballot when you go to vote. It will be interesting to see how many people are so disgusted by the options available that they just write, "The Clever Cynic" on their ballot and toss it in the box.;)

I decided to check out Kirstie Alley in a bikini. Actually, Kirstie Alley made perhaps the most-infamous appearance in a bikini ever as she returned to the Oprah Winfrey show to keep her word that she would return and appear in a bikini once she had lost about 500 pounds of fat.

To I am sure Kirstie Alley's horror, the audience nearly booed her off the stage. To be honest, I was a bit surprised. Kirstie Alley has a healthy-looking weight for her age and height and actually looks hot and curvy in a bikini. With the new national focus upon healthy weight loss and the new awareness of the dangers of anorexia and bulimia, I must say I am a bit shocked that the audience didn't give Kirstie Alley more credit...afterall the woman did have the willpower to lose a lot of weight.

First of all, she had the nerve to appear in a bikini on Oprah in front of a huge studio audience and an immense (no fat pun intended) television audience and bare all in a bikini.

Second, she looked hot. She looked great and a lot of the women in the audience that seemed shocked, probably don't look nearly as hot in a bikini as Kirstie Alley did after she lost about 1/4 of a ton of fat.

So, I decided that if Kirstie Alley can lose about 500 pounds of fat and appear on stage in a bikini, she can make a video supporting The Clever Cynic for President Campaign if she chooses to do so.;)

Rock on, Kirstie Alley and congrats on keeping your word and appearing in a bikini on Oprah. I think you looked great, Kirstie Alley.;)

I guess Kirstie Alley has had some weight gain since this video, but if she gets back in this form she can make the video...(generous of me isn't it?).:D Don't you just love my idea of a campaign promise? At least I will keep this promise...the rest is up to Kirstie is still a free country afterall.;)

I can guarantee everyone reading this that at least Kirstie Alley kept her many political promises do you think will be kept by my opponents on both sides of this Presidential election?

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