HUGE MANITOBA TORNADO! June 23 - 2007 - Free Video from YouTube

Here you go...your very own tornado.;) I had one like this hit my backyard two years ago. It tore a 45 year-old oak tree right out of the ground and dropped it, leaving a crater that I could stand in and you couldn't see the top of my head. The stump was taller than I am and I am six feet tall.;)

Big Brother 8 USA: Jen and Nick makeup

Sigh...could Jen be more annoying? Hmmm... a hot girls hits on Nick and he needs to go to talk to Joe? Hmmm...

Big Brother 8 USA: Food Arrives! - Sample Live Feed Clip from YouTube

Women say "that was so sweet" when they get their own way.;)

Stan of Arabia Funny Clips - American Dad - Free - Funny Video from YouTube


Hang Gliding - Free Funny Video Cartoon from YouTube


Big Brother 8 USA - Livefeed Sample : Dustin Rubs Nick's Back

Hmmm... does sunscreen take THAT LONG to rub in? :O...sigh

Big Brother 8 USA: Bat in the Backyard - Livefeed Sample from YouTube

Apparently a bat caused quite a stir the other night at the BBhouse.

Green Day - Minority - Free Music Video from YouTube


Ice Climbing - Funny Video from YouTube

My favorite bear.;)

Frog Funny Animation Video from YouTube


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