Thriller! RCT3 Fireworks Show 2006

Fireworks for your celebration tomorrow. Enjoy the 4th.

Transformers Movie Trailer - from YouTube

Here is a movie preview. The official site is in the following post.

Transformers the Movie Out Now in Theaters

In case you haven't heard, the Transformers Movie, transformed theaters today across the US. You can view the official trailer here, but you have to take sides before you enter. I, of course, guessed it, DESTROY, but choose as you will.

--The Clever Cynic

Terra-cotta Warriors - The Grand Tour

Here you go, a virtual tour of the place.

The First Emperor of China (Man Who Made China)

This is the story. I know, I know, this is one IMPRESSIVE website.;) Glad you noticed.:D

Art and Archelogical Find: The Terracotta Warriors of China May Have Company

In case you haven't heard, the famous Terracotta Warrior Army of China may have company. In an article in Newspapers in Education (full article here), it was revealed that a previously unrecorded chamber exists in the tomb of China's first Emperor. The find hasn't been unearthed as of yet, so who knows what it may contain. The silent army may have reinforcements ...or better yet, a hot-looking team of female is anyone's guess. :)

--The Clever Cynic

Nepali "Living Goddess" is Removed from Goddess Status Following Her Visit to the US

According to an article on Yahoo!, a ten-year-old living Goddess was removed as a "Goddess" following a visit to the gold old USA. (I am sure that being a Goddess was great while it lasted.)
At first glance at the title I figured that it just took a week for us to corrupt the poor soul, but thankfully I was wrong. Apparently a Goddess needs some sort of permission to travel. It seems a bit ODD that a Goddess NEEDS permission, but I don't make the rules there, I just report them. I have included the following video that may shed additional light on the subject.;) At least they found out that she was not the true "Goddess" before they wasted too much time worshipping her. I find great comfort in that at least.
--The Clever Cynic

The Foxhole Manifesto

A ten-year old goddess was removed as a Goddess following her visit to the USA. Well, that should do it.;)

Hitman, the Popular Game Series, is Now a Movie

Remember the popular video-game series, Hitman? It has been made into a movie that is due out in October. Fans, or the simply curious can visit the official site here.

--The Clever Cynic

YouTube, This Election's True Platform

This election will be decided on the internet...just watch.;)

President Bush commutes the sentence of Scooter Libby

So Libby goes free.;)


The latest on the Libby Pardon. Wow Hillary pulled out all the stops.;)

Masterpiece - Vancouver Film School (VFS) - Cool Video from YouTube


Gene Simmons KISS Room

Tonight we salute the Master of Branding. Tonight I present 9 valuable Lessons you can learn from Gene Simmons in reverse order. Lesson #9...if no one creates a shrine to you...create one to YOURSELF.;)

Gene Simmons Tribute - KISS

Lesson #8. A secret to branding is to keep the name SIMPLE....hence, "KISS."

KISS Gene Simmons FUNNY Toy Plasma Lamp Product Review

Lesson #7. Gene Simmons is the best at branding in the universe. He will put his likeness on ANYTHING...if it pays.;)


Lesson #6. If your fanbase is sagging...go REALITY.;)

Gene Simmons filming at Abbey road

Lesson #5... be so macho that you can wear makeup and brag about it.;) Telling about the makeup just proves how macho you are.;) (I must say the guy is the Master of Savvy.;))

Gene Simmons - The Actor - Clip from YouTube

Notice....Gene can "act" since there are tons of HOT women handy.;)

Gene Simmons Biography KISS

Lesson #4 you can learn from Gene Simmons. The world loves a bad boy ... IF it is done well.;)

Gene Simmons Family - Home Video from YouTube

Actually the Simmons Family seems pretty normal considering. Lesson #3 you can learn from Gene. Family comes FIRST.;)

Gene Simmons - You wanted the Best you got the Best - Music Video from YouTube.

Lesson #2 you can learn from Gene Simmons. If you tell people something OVER AND OVER they start to believe it.;) Try it ... it is TRUE. He tells everyone over and over that he is the best snd they start to believe it.;) It helps that he has tons of hot women around at the time.;)

Gene Simmons - I'm the Firestarter - Video from YouTube

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Gene Simmons...not just his singing but his savvy.;) Here he demonstrates that anyone can "sing" if they have enough hot women present.;)

Toilet Head Prank

I usually hate stuff like this ... but this is actually funny.;)

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