Titanic: The Sequel - Movie Video Trailer from YouTube


Crop Circles - An Investigation - Fact or Fantasy

Tonight, I set out to investigate crop circles. (Meaning I set out to make fun of crop circles and the people who believe they are caused by UFOs) What I discovered astounded me. I found powerful, compelling video-evidence on such a grand scale that I began to seriously doubt that evidence so vast and so convincing could be an elaborate hoax.
The videos I have selected, particularly the "Google Earth Crop Circle" video, are among the most-powerful videos I have ever seen. The evidence is astounding. The conclusion disquieting. These crop circles may very-well be real. You decide for yourself. Let the investigation begin.
--The Clever Cynic

Yatesbury Field crop Circles x2 filmed on the 7th June 2007

This gives an up-close view of crop cricles in the field.

First Crop Circle Concert ~ Prashant Trivedi

This is the first and HOPEFULLY LAST crop circle concert. hehe :D

UFOTV: Crop Circle Mystery Part 1-In The Air

Tonight we examine the natuer of crop circles. I must say this is some of the most-compelling video I have ever seen.

TV's Sunrise - Crop Circles - Video from YouTube

Tonight we try to get the facts on crop circles.

UFOs Making Crop Circles - Video from YouTube

Hmmm....reality ...or hoax?

Crop Circles on Google Earth

This is one of the most-amazing videos I have ever seen.

The Truth about Crop Circles - VIdeo from YouTube

Crop Circles, hoax or reality?

Video Production and the Internet - the Wave of the Future

Streaming video, from YouTube and other sources, is transforming the Internet. Broadband and DSL have brought video into the mainstream for information and entertainment, transforming once-static web pages into an explosion of color and sound.
The video industry is booming. Tech-savvy companies realize that a single well-executed video clip can entice millions of viewers who eagerly stream or download the video to their home computers.
For businesses willing to take the plunge, this opens up a new arena to grab the attention of a young, tech-savvy audience. Many of the videos on YouTube and other streaming sources have had millions of pageviews. Some of the most popular are actually advertisements that pack a lot of visual eyecandy with music and action. Online video is one of the most effective ways to generate attention for a brand name. Companies that are virtually unknown can become household names overnight if they manage to create a video with mass appeal
The business world needs to take a close look at what online video can do for them. So today, we take a close look at the power of animation.
--The Clever Cynic

RG Studios - Backkom - Video Animation Comedy

Streaming Video is becoming huge on the Internet. Today we look at some of the finest work in the field.

Theresa Duncan - Closet Cases - The Dred Case - Animation Production

Today we look at talented animation artists and their work.

Closet Cases: Slice of Bread - Produced by Theresa Duncan

Another look into animation.

Contest Open Doors - Movie Trailer - Video Animation Movie Trailer

Apparently you can win a chance to live in the Biggest Mansion Ever Built on Campus.

Zombies? - Vancouver Film School - Animation Production Sample

A sample of the amazing work that can be produced with video animation.

Typographics - Vancouver Film School - Video Production Techniques

Today we take a look at the newest-online craze, ondemand video.

The Making of Piece of Mind - Video Production, the Inside Scoop

"Piece of Mind" has had over 500,000 views. It is easy to see how vast an audience video median can attract on the Internet.

Piece of Mind - Vancouver Film School (VFS) - Film and Video Production Techniques

Online streaming video is transforming the internet. Here is a look at some of the techniques.

Bernard and Mouse - Bakkom Comedy Video from YouTube


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