Witch of a Laugh - Hillary Clinton Comedy Video

Tonight, we embark upon another of my now-famous investigations...this time into why Hillary Clinton laughs at the most-inappropriate times, why the laugh sounds demented and if we think we can stand that laugh for the remainder of the election. We also consider whether we can stand that laugh for four more years should she, through some mindless act by the American Public, be elected President.

Hillary Clinton Laughs During A Debate - For No Apparent Reason

Yes, this is a laughing matter...right.

Cackling Hillary Clinton - Hillary Clinton Comedy Video

She wants to make a compelling argument about being fooled by George Bush and then cackles like a fool...hmm...scary.

Hillary Clinton's Cackle - YouTube Election 2008 Comedy Video

Wow, what has happened to America that someone who cackles like a simpleton is considered to be a viable candidate for the Presidency? Oh wait, this is the same America that elected Bill Clinton...nevermind...it all makes sense now.

The Hillary Clinton Cackle - YouTube 2008 Election Comedy Video


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