Big Brother 8 USA 7/29/07 Dustin Nominates Jen and Kail, Nick's Hair is Critical Again

Tonight, Dustin nominated Jen and Kail. Our housemole, Eric managed to accomplish his task once again and I am beginning to wonder if he might just be a very-strong force at the end.

Dustin is doing quite well as HOH. He hasn't let the power go to his head like Jen and Dick, while nominating two players who don't really have much power in the house should they decide to come after him for revenge.

Kail volunteered to let Dustin play her as a pawn, but Dustin made it clear to Big Brother and the viewing audience that he is merely playing her for a fool. I had a feeling, as I expressed in my analysis early on, that Kail was too power hungry too soon and that still haunts her in the game. Dick was power hungry as well, but he managed to pass it off as revenge and even though he was totally ineffective in eliminating Kail and Jen, the pair find themselves right back on the block again this week.

Apparently Big Brother hasn't called Nick into the Diary Room for a while to tell him to, "WASH YOUR HAIR YOU IDIOT," so he is looking really greasy, with strands of mess that I assume are hair streaming down from the top of his head. I am praying he either gets evicted soon or wins HOH and the basket contains a lot of personal-hygiene goodies.

Daniele is still an emotional mess and Daddy Dick has his work cut out for him to keep his "relationship" with her sound enough to win the game, pocket the money. Dustin may have other plans for the money that don't include Evil Dick, so Dick better stay on his toes.

Jameka is playing a savvy game here and she and Jessica may prove to be a tough duo toward the end. I have a sneaky suspicion that they will vote to keep Jen to use until they don't need her anymore.

All-in-all, the house guests all better start figuring out a way to beat Dustin, who was my favorite to win from early on. He is still working the other house guests and has listening and communication skills galore. Dick probably THINKS he is running the show, but unless he figures out a way to work Nick out of the house, he may be in trouble.

Come back after the next show for more Big Brother goodness...

--The Clever Cynic

And Now for the Most-Hideous Looking Webpage Ever

Here is the most-hideous looking website I have ever seen.

--The Clever Cynic

Jumbo Squid - The Giant Humbold Squid

Here is a good look at what might be lurking below the surface along some California beaches.

HUGE squid are Showing Up Along California Coast

Here is a close look at what you can expect to find in a lot of the waters off the California Coast.

Calamari - Hundreds of JUMBO Squids Showing Up on CA Coast

Now celebrities are not the only thing to fear in California. That's right, giant squid are quite numerous, so watch out if you go in the ocean.;)


Who on earth would lick a toilet stall?

Crazy Frog-Popcorn - Animated Video Production


Crazy Frog - Cool Animated Video Production from YouTube

Love it.

Astronauts Moon Landing Hoax - Wires Footage

Over the years, a lot of speculation has arisen over the "moon walk." People have debated endlessly over whether they REALLY walked on the moon. My question is ...DOES IT REALLY MATTER? The fact that someone walks on the moon has absolutely no impact on anyone's life whatsoever. Sure, no one likes to be conned, but either way in the really does not matter.

Launch! Blogher 2007 - Video Interview

Last weekend was the "Hlogher" 2007 convention in Chicago. This event celebrated the women who blog to share personal experience and insights. They gathered to decide upon an issue of focus for the year and decided to focus on health to try to make a difference. Good luck with your objective.;)

Lindsay Lohan -I Know Who Killed Me - Video Movie Trailer

I have a feeling that a sequel to this called, "I Know How My Career Ended" starring Lindsay Lohan may never actually go to production.;)

The Passengers in the Vehicle on Lindsay Lohan's Latest Wild Ride Hire Attorneys

Apparently two men who were along for perhaps the most famous car chase since O.J. Simpson's white Ford Bronco escapade, didn't enjoy the ride, according to an article on

The two men claim that they begged Lindsay to stop and weren't too happy when she refused to comply. The men haven't filed suit yet, and hope to resolve the matter out of court.

--The Clever Cynic

Amy Sedaris - I Like You

Will she be the next "Martha Stewart?"

Free Comedy VIdeo - Daniel Tosh-Cargo Pants


Free Family Guy Video Family Guy- Best of Stewie #7!


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