Robot Chicken - Smokey the Bear - Robot Chicken Comedy Video - YouTube Video

Robot Chicken ;).

Madeleine McCann's Mother, Kate McCann, Named A SUSPECT By Police - Video

The latest on the Madeliene McCann disappearance.

Update on Missing UK Child Madeleine McCann, Mother Kate McCann Did It ? - Madeleine McCann Update

The latest in the Madeliene McCann case from Fox News.

Caso Abierto: la DesapariciĆ³n de Madeleine McCann - Madeleine McCann Video Espanol


This Woman Needs - Gus and Harley - Country Music Video - Videos


Apple iPod - Apple iTunesl - The Fratellis 'Flathead'


Robot Chicken - Gummy Bear - Robot Chicken Comedy VIdeo - Videos


Robot Chicken Brady Bunch - Comedy Video - Robot Chicken Video

Yes, peas are definately good for you.;)

Princess Grace Exhibit Will Show in New York City Next Month

If you are heading to New York City, or just want to plan a trip, the Princess Grace Exhibit will be held, according to an article in USA Today, "Oct. 15-26 at the Manhattan galleries of Sotheby's auction house in Manhatten."

Princess Graces jewels, gowns and a lot of other memorabilia will be shown as a part of the exhibit.

Burj Dubai Tower - The World's Tallest Building - Video Dubai - UAE

Today we take a look at a massive project. You will be among the first to see the view from the building in a later video. I must say, this project is amazing.

New World's Tallest Building - Burj Dubai Tower - Burj Dubai Tower Video

The Burj Dubai Tower is now officially the world's tallest building. It still has some other standards to meet before it is recognized for other records.

Burj Dubai Tower - Will Soon Be the World's Tallest Building

A look at the Burj Dubai Tower that will really put the UAE on the map so to speak.;)

Burj Dubai - Dubai Tower - Burj Dubai Tower Video Simulation

This shows the Burj Dubai Tower soon to be the world's tallest building.

Carson - Carson Reacts to Britney`s Performance - Comedy Video

This is CLASSIC.

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