Video de Johanna Cardona New Scandal Video Celebrity

Here is a look at the newest-internet celebrity.

Rhain Davis - Nine-Year Old SIgned to Pro Contract with Manchester United

I heard the news and set out to recruit for some of the Pro Football teams of the NFL.

A Nine Year Old Was Signed to a Pro Soccer Contract-- So I am Out Doing Some Recruiting for the Pro Football Teams

This would make a good starting lineup for the Jets next season.

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Nicole RIchie Would NEVER be Caught Doing THIS:

Tonight we look at levels that Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, or Lindsay Lohan would never sink to-- even to obtain publicity. That's right, tonight we start another investigation. This time we look into women who think they are hot and do patronizing, self-absorbed videos for publicity. Enjoy the show.

Dirty Cowboy

We begin our look into average-looking women who show off on video with this charming example of mindless drivel. Later, she says most people are ugly, but to be honest she is average-looking (I am being kind here) and her personality...well, I'll let you decide.;) View on.

Random Vlog

Tonight we investigate average women who think they are hot and why they feel compelled to show off on YouTube. The Russian "Mail Order Bride" Clip is just one in the series. It is well worth going to YouTube to view the rest. It is a real eye-opener into the greed and self-absorbtion of one mail order bride and will serve as food for thought to anyone who has ever considered marrying one. Enjoy.

My Self-Absorbed Video

Tonight we embark upon another of my now famous investigations. This one is even uglier than my invetigation into women who sing about their ovaries. Some of the footage is so sikening, so self-absorbed and so nauseating, that I would not allow my dog to remain in the room while I viewed them. They are by a collection of women who think they are far hotter than they really are and to be honest it may cause you permanent phychological harm to view them. Having been warned, proceed at your own risk. Thanks, and enjoy.;)
**There is a motion-sickeness bag in a pouch on the seat in front of you, just in case you need one.

Movie Quote Game

Another video from an affected-little woman who thinks she is much-cuter than she really is. She rants in a later video about "ugly people," (so make sure you view the rest in the series) but the real ugliness lies in her own personality. (Someone please hand me a barf bag.) (Wipes chin,...thanks)

Ugly People

No she isn't obsessed with appearance at not at all. Well, maybe she is obsessed with her own appearance.

Blog 4 of a Real Russian Mail - Order Bride

Tonight an investigation into hot women who make mindless videos just to be on YouTube...sigh.

Anna And The Annadroids: The Robots' Dream Tour (Highlights)

The most-alarming thing about this video is it is entitled "highlights." Can you just imagine how badly the rest of this steaming-pile of entertainment STUNK?

**Mindless Self Indulgence

This song is the theme song for tonight's investigation. I have noticed that hot chicks tend to get on YouTube and prattle on producing mindless prattle that clogs the entire system. Tonight we take a look at this alarming trend. By the way, this music video is actually excellent...I just thought the title appropriate.;) Let the show begin...

My Songs Are Mindless - I Should Be HomeLess

Tonight I am investigating mindless video by women who think they are hot. I didn't make up the title for this...she provided it herself. I must say it is amazingly accurate. This just goes to show you, some people will watch ANYTHING if the chick in it is halfway hot.

Goodnight Burbank Breaking News - Obama Girl

Today's investigation...mindless videos by chicks that think they are hot.;)

The Sweet Escape - Nicole RIchie, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

This might work as the new themesong for Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.

Paris Hilton at Fashion Week LA

Why doesn't it surprise me that Paris Hilton is taking her OWN photo? Hehe.

Google G-mail: A Behind the Scenes Look

Do you ever wonder what really happens when you send G-mail? Today I launch an investigation.

Planet Discovered Similar to Earth - Titan - Another Earth?

Wow, cool another planet just like earth. Wonder how long it took it's inhabitants to thoughtlessly trash their envrionment?

Voodoo Trombones - Video from YouTube

Wow, I feel like a flower child now.:O

Family Guy - News report from Ollie Williams


The Simpsons - Best of Ralph Wiggum

Ralph is a prophet.;)

Start Your Engines! - Vlog from YouTube

I do believe that this is the longest speech I have ever heard where the person said absolutely nothing at all. :D

Powerbeauties - Stephanie

I am guessing it would be a good idea to avoid making her angry.;)

Nicole Richie Selects the Same Jail Facility That Paris Hilton Occupied

Nicole Richie will apparently use the same facility that became famous during the unforgettable "Paris Hilton Goes to Jail" stint that America will somehow never forget. According to an article on Reuters, we will only have to endure 4 days of "Nicole Goes to Jail." I love the small comforts in life....sigh.

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