The Clever Cynic Salutes World of Warcraft Video

YouTube - World Of Warcraft Asshole

The Clever Cynic constantly searches the Internet (so you don't have to...see the advantage of bookmarking this site?) to bring you the absolute best in Internet entertainment and tonight is no exception. Tonight, The Clever Cynic goes Multimedia with a featured video. I wish I had a way to record the gasps of amazement that I am sure are taking place all over the globe as Clever Readers realize just how high-tech this site has become. Click the link at the top to play it...I think you will enjoy ;). For those of you who may not know, "World of Warcraft" is an on-line game where people all over the world play together to engage in combat, do quests and act like asshats behind the relative safety of their computer monitor. I will elaborate more in another post about on-line games.....of course I have an opinion about them ;).

--The Clever Cynic

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