This is UNCANNY Two Ten-Year Old Boys Discover Mammoth Remains

Does this mammoth look familiar? In a video over at MSN, (view video here) I learned that two ten-year old boys discovered the remains of an ancient mammoth. Following the supposed slaying of a wild boar by an eleven-year old boy, I published a spoof (view spoof here) this is REMARKABLY similar to this latest story it left me in amazement.

Cooking Mama Wii

And if you are totally into the cooking thing there will be a multi-player cook-off game for the Wii...guess they figured they better cook up some game for the Wii besides Zelda.

4 Star All Star Edition of the Top Chef Series to Air Tonight on BRAVO

Tonight on BRAVO, the 4 Star All Star edition of Top Chef airs at 10 pm EST. It should be an entertaining hour. It will be fun to see the finalists of prior seasons try to work together. By the time it is the final four during the regular season, the only sausage they want to spear is the back of the other it ought to be interesting to see how they manage to pull off a group dynamic.

--The Clever Cynic,


American Inventor Returns Tonight for Season Two

Inventors from all over American will be toting their inventions onto the stage for American Inventor tonight as the show returns for an encore season. This show it well worth watching because it always promises to be a real freak show and tends to deliver.

If I Decide to Pull a Publicity Stunt to Get Arrested for a DUI...

<---If I ever decide to pull a huge publicity stunt to get thrown in jail I want to be arrested by her. ;)

Writing Tip for Improving Your Blog...Lose the Exclamation Marks!

Those of you who come here regularly know that when I use more than one clip art image that i am on a rant! ;) This is the only post you will ever see me write in this blog that contains exclamation marks! Why? Because they are ANNOYING!!! It isn't that I mind being annoying, in fact I excel at being annoying!

The point I am making is that no one wants to be annoyed by your punctuation! When I come across an exclamation mark it always brings my enjoyment of the article or book I am reading to a grinding halt! No one likes to be told when to be overly-enthused about something you are saying...that is their choice! I feel like yelling, "CUT!!!" Who put this annoying exclamation mark in here? Years ago, one of the Seinfeld shows touched on this subject! Elaine's boss had taken her down a notch for using an exclamation mark! Her boss had a lot of wisdom!

Paris Hilton's Sidekick Nicole Richey May be Pregnant

According to rumor outlined in an article over at MSN, Nicole Richey, Paris Hilton's famous sidekick from, "The Simple Life" (a show where they both pretty much tour America acting simple) may be pregnant. Apparently, she was able to find someone with a light-enough bone mass that she was able to make a baby without being crushed.

In a related article, Nicole apparently confided to Ryan Seacrest that she is nervous that she will, "deal with the consequences" (hmm, that sounds oddly FAMILIAR) in her DUI back in February. Basically she is saying, "YOO HOO, PRESS, OVER HERE, I MAY BE GOING TO JAIL TOO.";) Why is it Nicole Richey always ends up being an "also-ran?"...poor Nicole. :( This leaves me wondering how many celebrities are downing a bottle of vodka as we speak and heading out to speed haphazardly past doughnut shops in the hope of being arrested.

--The Clever Cynic,

1week of art works

And now the Adults give it a go...

Freak of Nature Artist

In an earlier post I showed you REALLY BAD kid video. This is REALLY GOOD KID VIDEO...this kid is AMAZING.

Spit Art

Somehow I just know you will love this...It starts off boring but stick with it.;)

Is 2007 the Year of the Geek? America's Got Talent

The world is changing rapidly. The internet plays an everincreasing role in our daily lives. Are yesterdays geeks tomorrows heros and celebrities? Is being geeky suddenly cooler than being pop culture? Tonight it seemed that it may be the current trend.
Season two of America's Got Talent debuted tonight and a young saxaphonist stole the show. He looked like the textbook geek but when he got on stage he literally owned the stage. He seemed to play the geek card an wound up with a WINNING hand.
Jerry Springer made an interesting new host. His offstage antics were actually more entertaining than most of this year's contestants. The show took on a decided Jerry Springer feel with lots of drama from the judges. Sharon, new this year, taking the place of last season's Brandy actually walked offstage after some honest, yet cynical comments from the other judges. Looks like a promising season.
I love America's Got Talent... lots of cheesy acts mixed with some amazing talent.

The Price of Celebrity...Is Paris Hilton's Punishment Too Harsh?

I have written quite a few posts about Paris Hilton's jail sentence. I took a firm stance that Paris should serve the same sentence as anyone matter their walk of life.

Paris Hilton is a mirror of American culture. She is the living walking Barbie Doll. She is rich, famous, successful and embodies the product of the American Dream come true. Americans love their celebrities and Paris Hilton, if you take the most-searched terms on the Internet into account, is the MOST popular celebrity of all.

Recently, they interviewed celebrities on the red carpet about Paris Hilton's jail sentence. Most didn't have very kind words for Paris. In an earlier post, I mentioned that Paris had a once in a lifetime opportunity to show America her true grit. From what I have seen she has chosen to do exactly that.

I hadn't realized until Paris reported to jail that she would be facing SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Twenty-three days of solitary is enough to drive a person insane. We are a social species. One of the harshest punishments that can be inflicted upon someone is to place them in isolation. The court has chosen to enforce Paris Hilton's sentence to the full, yet she is not able to serve her sentence in the same capacity as the other inmates. For security reasons she will be kept in total isolation from the other inmates and be denied the recreation and interaction that they are entitled to during their stay.

I think that this is extremely harsh and I admire Paris Hilton's stoic stance as she stated that she, "wants to show America that she can do it." I had often wondered what happened to the DNA that was strong enough to create such a successful family. Any family that can forge such a powerful dynasty is made of stern stuff. I was impressed by her attitude and willingness do pay her debt to society. Even the most hardened inmates pale at the thought of solitary confinement. I now feel that her punishment is unjust and she should be allowed some compensation in the form of a daily visitor to her cell or a television for her room to compensate for the unfair circumstance that her celebrity has made so very necessary. In keeping with this I have reset the clock in sincere sympathy for her plight. I feel that equal punishment is justified...but this is UNEQUAL in the extreme. The clock is now a countdown until she is released from this injustice.

--The Clever Cynic,

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