Is 2007 the Year of the Geek? America's Got Talent

The world is changing rapidly. The internet plays an everincreasing role in our daily lives. Are yesterdays geeks tomorrows heros and celebrities? Is being geeky suddenly cooler than being pop culture? Tonight it seemed that it may be the current trend.
Season two of America's Got Talent debuted tonight and a young saxaphonist stole the show. He looked like the textbook geek but when he got on stage he literally owned the stage. He seemed to play the geek card an wound up with a WINNING hand.
Jerry Springer made an interesting new host. His offstage antics were actually more entertaining than most of this year's contestants. The show took on a decided Jerry Springer feel with lots of drama from the judges. Sharon, new this year, taking the place of last season's Brandy actually walked offstage after some honest, yet cynical comments from the other judges. Looks like a promising season.
I love America's Got Talent... lots of cheesy acts mixed with some amazing talent.

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